View Full Version : how to read draw length on Nitro cams and draw stop question

04-07-2012, 04:38 PM
I was "allowed" lol to set my bow up today prior to my birthday next weekend but not shoot it. I read the owners manual and the draw length settings were vague. It says on the limb sticker draw length can be adjusted from 25-30". Well there are 7 numbered holes in each draw module. I don't get it. 30-25=5". So if you have 1" adjustments you should have 5 holes and if you have 1/2" increments you should have 10 holes. How does 7 adjustment holes get you a range of 25-30"? Secondly where is the pointer or indicator to let you know where to line a hole up for a setting? I think the manula says to line up the cable where it crosses over a hole and thats the setting? The bow seems to fit me right out of the box but I still want to know what it is set at.

Second thing I want to know is the draw stop. I know they are for having a solid wall at full draw and it is solid. Only 1 cam has it. So is the draw stop supposed to be used to fine tune your draw length? Or is the cam supposed to be fully rolled over before the draw stop makes contact? In other words if I was to remove my draw stop at full draw (for instance) would the cam roll over some more? Just a question i got. Over all this bow draws so smooth it is rediculous. I can't wait to shoot it.

04-08-2012, 12:04 AM
yes, the draw stop is used to fine tune your draw length. The bows are usually set at 29" from the factory, and each hole is a 1/2" increment. Now you can set the holes either long or short of your draw and then you'll have another half inch or so to either side with the drawstop. The closer you move the stop towards the +, the deeper the valley and the higher the let-off will be, meaning lower hold weight @ draw. Obviously the inverse is true for the - side of the cam. You will get better performance out of the bow the closer it is to the -, but it comes at a price; a higher hold weight and a shallow valley.

04-08-2012, 06:30 PM
Ok I understand but still with each hole being 1/2" draw length, then 7 holes gives you a range of 3 1/2" total adjustment. How does that equate to a range of 25"-30"? Even if you use the draw stop to add length you don't get enough. One other thing I am confused about is if the draw stop can be used to fine tune draw length(example shorten draw length with the stop), and it is only on one cam, then what keeps the opposite cam from rolling over further and causing an out of time issue? If the cams are not fully rolled over by the time the draw stop makes contact, pulling a little harder could cause the cam without the stop to roll over further?

04-08-2012, 09:20 PM
The answer you're looking for is very simple. There are two different size Nitro cams; Nitro 2.0 and Nitro 1.5. The Nitro 1.5 is for shorter draw lengths, 25" to 28". The Nitro 2.0 should cover the upper range, 27" to 30". Notice there is an overlap between the two so if you fall into that range you can choose either cam.

As for using a draw stop? Yes, the draw stop can be used as Wabbit explained, but it is recommended not to shoot the bow with the draw stop set too long. When the cables hit the flat spot on the modules at full draw you should not set the draw stop much longer. There have been cases where the draw stop was not in place .and the bow drawn past the flat on the module. In some cases the bows have locked up at full draw which can be very scary and dangerous. In such cases the bow must be put in a bow press to relieve the tension on the cables.

04-08-2012, 09:55 PM
Thanks Fisher, I should have mentioned the natural cable stops on the cams. It is definitely not recommended to rotate past them.

I can tell you that at my draw length on the #1 hole was right at the cable stops and I had to set the draw stop right there so I wouldn't roll them over.

04-09-2012, 06:32 AM
I got it. So your saying if you adjust your draw length with the module you always need to adjust the draw stop accordingly to compensate? Or does the draw stop once set stay put regardless of where you put the module? The cam is numbered 1-7 so I see by looking at the manula this means it is the short draw cam. So that means i got the 25-28 draw cam. Am I correct that whichever hole the allen screw is in is the hole you are utilizing? I got the camo cams so I am not sure if the powder coating is covering up any hash marks or pointers. I know I can't see any tick marks on the draw stop, like the owners manula shows, and I can barely see the plus and minus marks.

04-09-2012, 10:56 AM
well, my cams say 2.0 right on them, I believe the others say 1.5. As for the holes, yes the screw goes in and marks the one you are using. The only marks on the draw stop is a + on one end, a hash mark at halfway and a - on the other end. So you use the mods and the screw holes to get your draw close, and then the draw stop to set your draw to the perfect length.

I saw on one of your other posts you were concerned about only having one draw stop but you needn't be. These are binary cams, meaning they mirror each other and are slaved together to act as one by the cables, so once you have the timing (rotation of each cam set) they will stay the same. When the draw stop hits your limb, it will stop you cold and give you a nice solid back wall.