View Full Version : Marten Bow help.

04-11-2012, 03:59 PM
I actually recieved this bow from a gentleman as a tip when guiding him and Thee Gail Marten in the early 80's. Jeff Shimazou or something like that. He was from California. I suppose it was a pretty good bow in its day.
So I know little of it. I moved to Alaska in 1984 and basically it has been stored since then. Although I have taken elk and whitetail with a bow in Montana I did not keep bowhunting in Alaska for a variety of reasons. Well my son got it out last year and pulled it. POW
The small cable with metal pieces on the end broke.

He has taken a real interest in bow hunting and keeping the exploding snowshoe hare population at standstill in the neighborhood. Would like to move up to a bear and possibly a moose. So I am now back into having a reason to shoot my old bow. Help!! What is it. Jaguar seems to be what the guy said it was.
Where can I get parts and what do I tell them that I need. I am not even sure what it is suppose to look like together now. I suppose I should replace all the cables and bow string. Any info would be appreciated.
How do you tell the draw length? My son is almost 6'7". I am 5' 11" He is pulling my old pse compound but the draw length is short. Is there a way to increase the draw length of this bow so he could use it more effectively.

All info was painted over.
This number was on the limb.