View Full Version : Old 1980's Prowler possible upgrades

12-13-2007, 06:42 AM
I have an old 1980's Martin Prowler bow in bad shape. It belongs to a friend and has some sentimental value, but my friend would not mind any possible upgrades in this bows rebuilding process. Martin customer service has graciously agreed to recable and restring this bow, but I can't bring myself to send them the bow with all it's rusty screws and such. I have it completely disassembled and have begun cleaning things up as best as is possible. The body of the bow is in fine shape. I trust that Martin will replace any parts that are unservicable if they still have them, but my questions are these:

Will this bow accept any of the newer limbs and or cams?

If so, would Martin do such a thing?

Cost of such an upgrade is relative to many factors. Information first, decisions later.