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12-13-2007, 10:28 PM
I should have read more of the other threads before posting. I took the measurements of the old Prowler, but before I give them, allow me to explain how these thoughts of mine got started.
I was searching the web for Martin Prowler info and bow rebuilding info and as I saw all of the different variations of the Prowler it occurred to me that from a manufacturing standpoint, the riser is the core element of the bow. Duh! It appears that a new riser for any given model is only redesigned every few years, much like an automobile chassis from the big three. It seems that in a very generalized way, the riser is used with as much versatility as possible. They design different limbs and cams and make a different variation of the same model. The Prowler becomes the M33 Prowler and it becomes the M33 XRG Prowler or the M34 Prowler??? I realize that models get a complete overhaul and redesign from time to time, but from the looks of the pictures, the riser doesn't get redesigned every single year. This makes perfect economic sense to me, but I'm just assuming these things. Am I completely wrong?
Of course all of this doesn't matter if Martin has no remaining inventory of limbs and cams to fit a Prowler riser from around 1989. I'm betting that there are some newer limbs that would work, although the cost could mount quickly. It is my friend's bow given to him by his father and his father may not be around much longer. Sentimentality can be expensive.
The limbs on this bow look fine, but if it was stored improperly and subjected to temperature and humidity swings in a storage unit or car trunk, could they be an accident waiting to happen?
This Prowler was probably made around 1989. It has SERIES 3000, PRO SERIES and SPEED FLITE written on the limbs. The limbs are 16 inches long. The riser is metal, most likely Magnesium? The riser length is 21 and 7/8 inches overall and 17 and 1/2 inches from limb bolt hole to limb bolt hole, center to center.
I know this must seem crazy. Why not just buy a new bow? It might be cheaper. I simply owe it to my friend to try to do the most that I can reasonably do. Regardless of how things proceed, I intend to return this Prowler, rebuilt and with a bow case to my friend with the hopes that with a little care it can serve him well for many years to come and be a source of pride that makes him remember his father long after he has passed on.
I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can before tying up the phone lines to the guys at Martin Customer Service.
Any knowledge sharing would be appreciated.

12-16-2007, 11:13 PM
i wish i could give you all the information you need but i can't. i'm only posting this because i'm going through a simular situation myself with an old cougar i bought from a friend. it was made around '83.
i started a thread concerning my bow, inquiring like yourself, about fitting it with newer cams. bfisher gave me sound advice concerning my desire and i've resigned myself to the fact that it will require more time and money than i am willing to invest at this time.
since i am very fond of this old bow for various reasons and am unwilling to give up my wish for seeing it back in the field and taking game, i will do this; modify the bow as much as i can with newer aftermarket products (martin brand as much as possible) that will enhance what i have with the bow now.
i recently bought on ebay a new, in the original package, martin drop away arrow rest. also i bought new sights (truglo) and kwick 3 arrow quiver. the last item i will be putting on the bow will be a windstalker cable guard system.
i am very much looking forward to going to the range with this bow and shooting good groups and answerering any possible questions from other archers who are not familar with the older bows.
i will be watching this thread with hopeful anticipation of learning more about both our older model bows

p.s. this may be opening a can of worms but, i also plan on experimenting with shooting arrows using the starflight arrow fobs.(that's why i needed the drop away rest)

12-17-2007, 10:34 AM
Honestly, I'd think you should cll customer service and ask for Jake or Joel. They are pretty darn good tech reps.

Some of the problems encountered by doing this upgrade are that the limbs may not be strong enough to handle the higher energy stored and released by today's modern cams. You may have to upgrade the limbs, and 16" limbs aren't standard production anymore, although they may have some around.

Couple that to the fact that different cams may call for a different stiffnes (deflection) of limb to maintain the draw weight. Cam size enters into this equation to and helps determine draw length, too.

It gets complicated enough that it's beyond the scope of my knowledge.