View Full Version : Looking for input on how 2011 and 2012 bows shoot

05-03-2012, 10:15 PM
There are no longer any Martin Dealers in this area. Well Academy is starting to carry a couple but they do not have a place to shoot them and so far they only have 70# ones. I am interested in a new bow Martin seems to have several that have a mass of under 3.7 lbs but I am having a hard time finding any real detailed reviews of most of them. I have been looking at the exile, silencer, firecat 360 and maybe the crossfire. I am wanting a lightweight bow and I need one that is smooth to draw and shoot, I have a bad left shoulder. I have found a review of the firecat 400 on Ike's outdoors and it seems decent. Its a bit hard to judge his opinion of vibration since he mostly shoots bare bows with no stabilizer or anything. Trying to figure out what the 360 would be like in comparison or the other bows I mentioned. My shoulder is pretty sensitive to shock and vibration and I am planning on staying around 50# of draw wt. I am wondering what it would take to become a rep for them or something just to be able to shoot some of their bows. I am mainly a hunter so how quiet and accurate a bow is, is pretty important to me. For example I have not seen much (except a couple of videos on you tube which have little real info and show not real impressive groups) on how accurate the exile is. I would like a short ATA for shooting from a blind but not if it is too easy to blow a good shot. The twin cams like the silencer look pretty good but I am wondering if its a harsh draw at first to get them to break over.

05-03-2012, 10:33 PM
Welcome to the forum. Run over to the photo session section and check out the video I have put together on the Bengal Pro. Got pictures posted and a few videos on it. I'll be doing more videos for it later, but it is one heck of a bow! The price tag on it ain't all that bad either. Being a single cam, the draw is really nice compared to the Alien I have. All around a great bow.

05-03-2012, 11:11 PM
Nice videos. Looks like it is accurate. How does it compare to your Alien X? I have an older Bullet X and it has no shock or vibes but I would like to try a lighter bow.

05-03-2012, 11:23 PM
Accurate as a mofo!! That video was before I really started messing with it. Got some pictures on my FB that I should bring over here from a grouping. Frankly I like it a lot better than AX, it's not quite as fast - but I shoot it a heck of a lot better. Virtually no vibration on this bow.

05-04-2012, 08:03 PM
man, I had this all typed out earlier then the website went down lol!

I know it's gotta be tough not being able to try one in hand and see if it works for you, but I can bet that you'll be pleased with any of those choices! Couple of things for ya, the 2011 single cams have the acu-trak system, which is a nice cam but has individual draw length modules that are easily changed out; you should get them with the bow. They also may have the TRG/SOS sytem if they've set on a shelf long enough, which can be changed out easily for a cable/slide/sts system on most of them.

The dual Nitro cams are the same for both years, and I believe (IMO) that they are some of the smoothest, easiest drawing dual cams on the market. They have rotating draw mods, an easy pull over a slight hump into a nice tight valley. All these Martins have an adjustable draw stop that gives you a rock solid back wall.

The 2012 single cams are pretty sweet; they have an adjustable draw module and 35# of draw weight adjustment. If you are sure you're not going to shoot over 50# I would probably just get a 50# bow and shoot it max out, or perhaps a 60# and drop it one peg to 50#, then you'll have some room for change if you want. They are pretty smooth as well, maybe having a slightly bigger "hump" than the Nitro dual cams, but not very noticeable compared to some other brands.

Any of the bows you listed would be great, and the 2011's can be found for pretty good deals right now. Good luck and great shooting!