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05-07-2012, 06:30 AM
Barta Bow too short for World Archery rules: 62” between string tips (157 cm < 160 cm demanded by regulations)
Looking for another high performance longbow, 45# LH (with shelf, revolver grip, slight handshock, good speed for ~500 grain wooden arrows)
Does the Bamboo Viper 66“ version also have a recurve form which violates IFAA Rules?


I own a 40# LH Barta Bow and am very happy with it! I like its speed, the fact that it has only little hand shock and draws very easy, especially for its short length, which I also find very comfortable as I go a lot on 3D Parcours.

Starting last fall I began entering local 3D tournaments in my area. My skill seems to be improving and with this season I wanted to enter official tournaments for national rankings.
While with fun tournaments some details of the rules are not taken so serious, official tournaments have rigorous bow checks, which made me aware of the following problem:

The Barta Bow has AMO 64” written on its lower limb. Comparison to other 64” bows showed that in fact it is a bit shorter (only slightly and one will not easily notice).
I measured the length of the Bow on its back between the string ears on the tips and I got 62“. I also let other (distinguished tournament archers) take a look and measure the bow and we all came up with the same result.

62” is 157,48 cm
Thus the bow is too short for World Archery Rules.


- World Archery Book 4, p6-7, 22.5.1

I am now confronted with the fact that at these official tournaments I am not allowed to shoot with my beloved bow. :/

Though I treasure my bow I have considered changing to another and increasing draw weight to 45lbs. I shoot 150-200+ arrows 3-4 times a week, do additional workout with weights twice a week and feel like I can handle the 45 without ruining my technique.
At some points I even considered getting another Barta Bow, as I do not only like the feel but also the design. The violation of above mentioned rules removes this option.

I tried several other bows, Border, Great Plains among others, but to my frustration, none of them have the wonderful revolver grip of my Martin. I realize that this is something which is different for every archer, but I have a much better feel with the ergonomically accented grip the Martin offers.
Of course I also looked up what other longbows Martin has to offer, which led me to the Bamboo Viper. All the reviews I read labelled it as a great bow.
I was lucky to find a 64” 40# LH version at a local dealer: great grip, easy draw, very fast, only slight handshock. On the website I read that there also is a 66” version, which definitely would solve the issue of my Barta bow. I was not able to measure the length of the Viper in the shop, but I wanted to make sure this time.

At that moment I had thought that I had found my new bow.
But now another problem arose. The recurve form of the Viper’s limbs is so strong, that it will not comply with the IFAA rules:


- IFAA Book of Rules, p33, 7a

I tried that with the 64” version of the Viper and indeed, there is space between limbs and string. :(

And now we finally get to the part why I am writing all of this:
I noticed the same problem with the 64” version of the Great Plains Cazador Bow of a friend, the recurve accentuation is very strong there as well. The problem does not arise with the 68” version, which two other Club members own. Here the slight recurve transforms into a solid D when strung.

Thinking that all the photos online depict the 64” version of the Viper, I am hoping that the 66” may be slightly different, just enough to comply with the rules. (small chance,…) I was not able to get a hold of a 66” version of the Bamboo Viper, which is why I am asking here.

I would be very grateful for help in this matter. -> neo.reloaded@gmx.at

Right now my only other choice is to get one of the other bows and try to use a lot of grip tape (for tennis rackets) in order to change the grip’s form.
I do not know whether adding other materials to modify the grip would be within regulations:


- IFAA Book of Rules, p33, 7e

As perhaps this could be seen as adding weight for stabilization.

Thank you in advance!