View Full Version : 2011 fc 400 cam lean?

05-18-2012, 11:55 AM
So how much lean is acceptable? my top cam seems to have an awful lot of it. i'll try gey my wife to get a pic of me at full draw later, but for now i can tell you that the cable makes a clicking noise as it get directed into to the mod groove!
you can see the limb is not square with the rest of the bow, it almost looks as if the risor may be off(torqued) just above the sight window at the joint. any good way to know or measure the riser to see if that is the problem.
took it to my dealer, but he has a "just shoot it and forget it" attitude. i guess i'm really picky,but the noise is probably my biggest concern especially when "The Moment" arrises.
Any others with this problem or any simple solutions or things to check?
Everything is in spec
Thanks guys
And i really dont want to ruin hutches new power chords


05-18-2012, 05:26 PM
[I have a FC 400 2011 and no issue with cam lean (29'Draw). I will tell you that I had a clicking sound right before full draw. I ck the lean, changed out Roto Cups, changed drops and was ready to get new limbs, finial found it. It was a bad bearing in the top cam. Martin CS replaced Cams and over 1000 or so shots no issues. It's a great bow.