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12-21-2007, 11:52 AM
I have shot a longbow for 15 years and am going to go back to a compound. I am looking at the Bengal, Moab and Firecat. Any and all opinions welcome, on helping me choose one. The local store by me won't have a Moab or Firecat till mid January and I would like info now so I can get something soon. Thanks abunch

12-21-2007, 05:51 PM
I think that's only about a month away. You're probably going to shoot them all anyway and see what you like, but here's a thought I have to share.

Comparing apples to apples let's compare the MOAB to the FireCat- the same bow with different cams. Do you ant speed or smooth? The numbers speak for themselves. BUT......

Let's assume you are not truely a speed freak. Decent speed is OK because you want a hunting bow. Would you want a MOAB that draws smooth and produces X amount of speed? Or would you want a FireCat that produces the same X amount of speed, but at about 8# less draw weight?

In other words, which draws more smoothly? A 70# MOAB or a 62# FireCat? 70# is 70#, I don't care how you think about it.

Sure, the FireCat is harder to draw, but only if you compare them at the same draw weight. In that case the Cat will be nearly 30 fps faster. So do you want the speed.

This is just my idea. That's one reason I shoot the Nitrous cams instead of the MPro cam. It's just something to think about as you compare the two.

My only regret about either is that I wish they were a couple inches longer. Bows are too short these days.

12-22-2007, 10:46 AM
I agree. I shoot @ 63, but even that is more than enough. I am a big guy, I can shoot 70 with ease; heck, I even shot a friend's Hoyt at 80 for 1/2 hr, and had no problem. But 63 does it with ease for me.

I also agree with bfisher on the short bow thing too. I have a 38" bow, and have never had a problem hunting. The advantage now, is I have a very stable, forgiving bow.

I would also try the Slayer out; you have nothing to lose by trying.