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06-22-2012, 10:34 PM
hello all this will be my first post, about 3m ago i bought a 2011 Martin Silencer, when i brought it home the ATA was long, so i twisted the cables and its now perfect. i shoot with a release, and with the limb bolts cranked and the added twists im pullin 69lbs, with a 30in draw. i was shooting GoldTip Velocity arrows with 125gr points 300 spine 30.75in about 430gr total, and spent hrs and hrs tuning shooting hundreds of shots, only to have my arrow flight aggrivate me enough to quit for the night. I followed the Easton guide and it really helped straighten out my arrow, i mean i would get one straight flier and then a few that would fishtail, i got it to a minimum but still i couldt figure it out, so i ruined 4 of my half dozen arrows hitting the nocks :) so i decided to buy new arrows, i read about the Micro OD carbon injexion arrows, kinda spendy. so i go them and had them cut to 30.5in for a total wieght of 445gr give take. and my first shot i was so happy with my setup, the arrow shot so straight, haha the only thing is that the micro diameter arrow made me have to change the nock point and sight elevation. they have a 330 spine and have 100gr points, I would recommend the buy if you can afford them, im not sure if the other arrows were the reason for the poor flight or form some of the time, but these new ones have made me enjoy my practice alot more and they are very accurate.
This is my second martin bow, the first was a 2011 pantera that ended up with a cracked limb after about two weeks of owning it, but i gave martin another go and traded up to the silencer. i have the ripcord code red rest and a truglo micro adjust extreme 5pin sight

06-22-2012, 10:55 PM
First off welcome to the forum, sometime you just fined that a differant arrow is all you need everyone is differant what works for one guy may not work for another

06-23-2012, 12:00 AM
thanks for the welcoming
i have sat down many times looking at this forum getting ready to post questions about why my bow wasnt shooting up to par but it ended up that i was always pist cause i would make all these adjustments and shoot at least 50 shots a day making micro adjustments to no end and then wouldnt want to post anything haha
would you say that the arrows that i chose are right for my setup? easton doesnt list my arrow length for the poundage of my bow, although it seems to work very well at this time.

06-23-2012, 06:52 AM
Hey Chevy, glad to see you posting now. I thought maybe you got lost. Anyway, welcome to the forums.

You wrote a nice little review for a first post. Glad you like the Silencer and have it fianlly set up the way you like it. You did ask whether we think you fiannly have the right arrows. I would say that it's not importsant what we think or even what some computer program would suggest. The proof is always in the shooting. And if it's a hunting setup then shooting with your broadheads will be the final test.

I would have normally suggested a 300 spine for you, but using my own experience I've found that I can shoot a softer spine than normal with the Cat/Nitro cam system. I know why, but that's info for another discussion in the future. Anyway, I've never checked the actual spine of the Injection arrows so will accept your figure that yours spine at 330. Do you know that's almost 340? I'll just bet that you could have been shooting the Gold Tip in a 340 spine and got them to work. That's water under the dam though. You just enjoy what you have now.

Hope you stick around here and yak it up with the other guys. It's been a little slow lately, but any questions you may have or suggestions other may use are always welcome.


06-23-2012, 07:14 AM
I went through a similair situation with my arrows,long story short mybow preferes 4" vanes over shorter ones......or it might be sycological who knows.

06-23-2012, 08:22 AM
If you're happy with the flight and they'll fly good with broadheads on 'em, they must be the right arrow for your setup. Welcome to the forum. :)

06-23-2012, 10:05 AM
Welcome to the forum! Great first post, those Injexions are supposed to be pretty good from the reviews I've read. Tuning can be frustrating, that's for sure. All I can tell you is that sometimes it seems that the bow will choose the arrow it likes, and it may not be what we expected ;). Just as everyone else has said, as long as the bow is happy and shooting well, that's the important thing. Have a great day and good shooting!

06-23-2012, 03:11 PM
yeah i havent checked the broadheads yet, still gotta buy them, my wife already gave me looks for spending $95 on 6 arrows haha and with the deep six insert system that means new broadheads, another thing is after doing so superb 20yard shooting i walked out to 40, pulled the trigger, walked up to the target, and had become overjoyed raising my bow in the air with one hand!! DEAD CENTER i looked at my bow and said "Daaaangg killa" haha

06-23-2012, 05:43 PM
i was thinking about getting the alloy carbon injextions which cost a hek of a lot more than the regular carbons, but i let some people talk me out of it and at the time there were few reviews on them and there still are few reviews, the alloy carbons are just to freaking expensive. i wound up getting victory vap v1s but ive been replacing my strings and havent got to shoot them enough yet to know if i like them or not. it is good to finally see some positive output on the injexion arrows, ive never known easton to make crap and i loved their axis line of arrows. kudos to you brother

06-23-2012, 07:09 PM

You take this for what it's worth. Don't know how long you've been shooting archery, but if not long then you will learn as you go. I have been shooting compounds for almost 40 years now, bowhunting just as long and have learned a few things alon the way.

I, for one, would not buy Injexion arrows. #1 they are very expensive. You can get arrows just as good for half the cost. These costs mount up over the years. #2. The inserts for them are a 6x40 thread so you have only one choice in broadheads. That would be the ones Easton markets for them. This severely limits what you can use and you have to pay whatever Easton wants for them. If their cost structure is anything like the shafts then you are getting raped badly.

I would suggest that the next time you pick arrows choose something that uses standard 8x32 threads so that you have many choices in broadheads and standard screw-in field points. SWhat is liable to happen and often does in the archery business is that because of the cost of Injexions and no choice in broadheads is that in a year or two they will no longer be available so you'll be stuck with arrows you can't get parts for (points, inserts, broadheads).

There are lots of arrows made that will do the same job. Easton makes their fair share of them, too.

This is in no way meant to criticize you for your choice. Just to educate you and maybe save you money in the long run. In the meantime enjoy what you have, and hope I didn't offend you.

06-23-2012, 09:19 PM
no not at all, it was just a thing of if you got the money try em out kinda thing, i mean i have a pretty god income yet its not disposable, and at the box store where i live they had a few good choices for broadheads, and actually the one i think i will choose is the fixed blade that slips over the shaft. this is the first time i have spent my own money on archery, but started when i was about 12 and have taken about a 10yr break. im 26 now, and like someone said about they would have chosen a 300 spine arrow, well i did, the gold tips they were only $45 and now that i have the carbon injexions those particular gold tips were a waste of money, and yeah im sure that someone else makes arrows as good as my eastons, but the availability of those choices is very limited where i live. there are no archery shops except the box store.... we have a really nice range with 3D shoots on saturday, im from Kenai,Alaska and i plan on doing Red Fox hunting, moose and possible bear and caribou haha and i will get the fox at work they come up to your truck so that will be an easy kill, oh yeah also coyotes as well, they are a lil more skiddish but they are some of the best looking pelts for coyotes.

06-23-2012, 09:30 PM
I do have to say it sounds like you live in hunting heaven. I envy you that. Have fun.

And when you get those "slip over the shaft" broadheads you need to post the info here. I was not aware that there were such things and would like to learn more--even from a rookie.

06-23-2012, 11:42 PM
here is a link for the broadheads, they are also on the spendy side at $40 for 3, but i really like the design over the other types maybe it will work good.
and yeah i am in hunting heaven pretty nice to be able to hunt at work im getting ready to buy a lil over 2 acres in an area that will have alot of hunting opportunitys, right next to a lake :)
also when i first got my silencer i speed tested it with the gold tip arrows and hit 290 without any tuning that was right after the d loop install and the rest, sight install, it was setup with a laser and levels, but now after tuning and what have you to my eye it appears that the injexions are shooting faster than the gold tips, i will chrono it again to know for sure, also when i first started shooting it seemed that my bow was really fast at about 15 yards, but at 20-25 it seemed the arrow would take off and they just put the brakes on.... it no longer does that after tuning but was wondering what that was all about maybe just high drag from improper flight.
another thing is the tiller, the top is closer by 1/8th an inch and the limb bolts are about a 1/4 turn from max, thats how it came, and to even the tiller you have to take like two turns off the top limb bolt, is that difference because the profile of the top cam is just a little different?

06-24-2012, 10:00 AM
I's pretty hard to differeniate speed differences at 15 yards. I have a target bow that seems like it's really smokin at 15 yards when the chrono says 240+. As for the tiller? I'll have to check a couple of my bows with Hybrix/Nitro cams and let you know. I can't tel you the last time I checked tiller. I do remember a couple years ago checking one and it took about two turns to make a 1/8" change. That's the nature of parallel limbs. With more conventional limbed bows it might only take 1/2 turn to show 1/8".

Because this is a Binary cammed bow and the cams are slaved together I don't think it makes that much difference how the tiller is set except that it might change just how the bow holds (up or down) at full draw. If the bow has a tendency to aim low for you you can add turns to the top limb which will make it aim higher as compared to even tiller. You do have to pay attention to one thing. Changing tiller will change the nocking point height in relation to the rest. Personally, if you like the way it shoots I wouldn't mess with it. Just record what it is in case you make a change later and need to move it back to it's original setting.

06-24-2012, 10:29 AM
1st of all a big welcome... I too moved from another brand to easton and it was right for me... Do a tune with broadheads and see how it works out...

06-24-2012, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the welcomes. So when I was trying to flight tune the goldtip arrows with Muzzy fixed 3 blade 125gr broadheads I had 4 arrows and 6 heads, and out of all that I only had two combinations that would impact with the filed tips and the that did the cock vane was up and the cock blade was down. With the other two arrows and 4 other heads they would be slightly off or the cock vane in line with the cock blade and they would shoot about 10in high at 20 yrds. Are there advantages to using fixed compared to mechanical and 2 blade or 3 blade. What's really nice about those deep six broadheads I will get is that they dont add a bunch of lenght to your arrow since they slip over the shaft

06-25-2012, 08:44 AM
Thanks for the welcomes. So when I was trying to flight tune the goldtip arrows with Muzzy fixed 3 blade 125gr broadheads I had 4 arrows and 6 heads, and out of all that I only had two combinations that would impact with the filed tips and the that did the cock vane was up and the cock blade was down. With the other two arrows and 4 other heads they would be slightly off or the cock vane in line with the cock blade and they would shoot about 10in high at 20 yrds. Are there advantages to using fixed compared to mechanical and 2 blade or 3 blade. What's really nice about those deep six broadheads I will get is that they dont add a bunch of lenght to your arrow since they slip over the shaft

After shooting Broad-Heads for some 30yrs, and testing to what works for me. I have used Slick Trick Mag 100g for Deer and other game and Razor Trick 100g for Elk. Both heads fly like my field tips out to 70 yards. I do a paper tune with the Broad-Head before heading out on any hunting trip and then a quick re-zero. This process has help my shoot placement.

06-25-2012, 01:37 PM
Best thing I can tell you is scrap the Gold Tips for now and play with them later. If the Injexions work then that's what to shoot. You paid for them. May a well put them to use.

As for mechanical heads, there's no doubt they will shoot truer with the Gold Tips. They have less blade area to cause planing, but if you can't get them to go with field points I doubt that it would get any better with broadheads. The fact that they fly all over the place tells me they are not the right spine or the bow just needs tuned better to shoot them. I would bet on the latter.

Sometimes things just work out hunky dory and sometimes it takes more work. And sometimes it can be downright frustrating. I shoot nothing but Gold Tip ultralites myself, for the speed, and have few problems with them, but I've found that I can shoot a lighter spine than the charts call for. I don't hunt any more and have physical limits (can only shoot about 45#). I have a fairly short draw at 26 3/4" and the truth is I should be shooting around a 700 spine. The ultralites only go to 600 so I work with them. To get perfect or near perfect bare shaft tuning with them I have to shoot a 125 gr tip, which negates the speed I want. One of these days I'll break down and get lighter spined arrows, but for now cash is getting tight. Maybe next year.

06-26-2012, 01:05 AM
I can tell you that i will no loger use the gold tip arrows that i have, one thing is, the 330 spine easton arrows seems stiffer than the 300 spine gold tip arrows, and thats just bending them by hand. maybe cause the model of gold tips i have are of the cheaper variety. thanks for all the input