View Full Version : swhacker Broadhead test Part 2

07-04-2012, 09:00 AM

I did the second test of the Swhacker Broadhead , trying to come up with something a little tougher and maybe a little more like a deer in density.
the above picture is of the broadhead after the intital test. I used the same broadhead in the second test. I did not sharpen it. I put on another shrink wrap band and that is it
Fot this test I used a commercial metal waste basket. Inside the basket was a 1 gallon jug filled with sheetrock mud, that I thinned just enough to get it...so I could scoop and get it into the jug. You might notice this pinkish tint. I tried to put food coloring in it to dye red, but wasn't successfull. Behind that jug is a 1 gallon jug of red tinted water. behind the waste basket is a 3/4" piece of plywood.
All shots for these tests were taken at 20 yards. The pictures below tell the story.The broadhead sailed through the waste basket and almost completely through the piece of plywood. If the plywood hadn't been there, I am sure the arrow would have gone completely throught the metal can, and kept on going.[[/ATTACH]6779678067816782 You will notice, in the first pic of the can that I put a couple of strips of masking tape on the front. That is so I would have a spot to aim at. The arrow hit exactly where I was aiming. The third picture of the can you see the arrow throught the jugs. you can see where the red colored water had already started to run out.