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12-29-2007, 10:25 AM
LOL - not including tax.

I will use it mainly for target with occasional hunting [deer]. Im a nut for accuracy. Speed is fine - but whats the hottest rig accuracy wise? My budget is $600.

Oh and another fifty dollar question...

Why Martin over....

Bowtech or Hoyt? You guys have some religious followers of Martin. LOL, they're not here now I cant ask, but wow - how are you guys different and why the devotion over the other two name brands for Martin? Whats the pull here?

Im a newbie to Martin so I have no p[preconceived prejudices or such.


12-29-2007, 03:32 PM
WOW, what a loaded question, and a good one at that. I'm not usre you're going to get what I'd call a good, accurate target type bow for that---new anyway.

Having a price list in front of me of the 2008 bows there are only a couple that are less than $600 in what would I'd even consider close to a dual purpose bow.

#1. The MOAB for about $450

#2. FireCat for about $550

#3. Mystic Magnum w/mini MPro cam at about $530.

Of these three I would have to pick the Mystic. My problem is I'm not sure what draw length it would be available in with the mini-MPro cam. But considering the riwer design this would have to be my choice if it can be had in an appropriate draw length. Maybe it's possible to get it with the standard MPro so that might be an option.

The MOAB might work. It depends on what you call target work. If it's 3D then this might be OK, but the riser does have a lot of reflex. The cam does draw easy as butter according to some. I haven't drawn one yet as I'm a speed freak.

The FireCat, having the same riser as the MOAB, would be my last choice for a pure target bow. I have one ordered, but it's going to be a dedicated 3D bow pulling only 50#.

I know what you're getting at though. Accuracy is a function of the shooter. Just some bows have the proper design to allow the shooter to shoot accurately easier. I guess this is what we refer to as "forgiving".

From a peersonal standpoint if I wanted all-out target accuracy I would try to pick up a used S3 or S4 with Nitrous cams on it.

I saw your post on 3Dshoots.com also. I just think that Martin is following the crowd with producing what is going to sell the most----short hunting bows. To get a pure target bow for under $600 is pretty rough these days. Guess you already know that.

Knowing that some of the guys were saying to pick up a used Hoyt or whatever, I might add that you might be able to pick up a used S4 in that price range. The Scepter is one of the best target bows ever produced. If you go this route I'd look for one with Nitrous X cams. If you can find an S4 Magnum it would be even better as a dual purpose bow.

Next question. Why the loyal following? Martin is one of the few companies that have a custom shop that can build you almost any bow configuration you desire----for a price. Pick a riser to build on. Choose a particular limb type (3 to choose from), three different cams. If it can be built within draw length specs and such they will build it for you----again, for a price. Also they're one of the few companies that still make laminated limbs, which are better than billet limbs.

Their customer service is second to none. I can vouch for that, having been a staff shooter for 4 different companies. They build good bows, something for everyone, and don't pay millions in advertising (cost to the consumer), and don't blow a bunch of BS up peoples' behinds.

I don't worry a whole lot about Lifetime warranties. Almost all companies have them these days and most are good at customer service. They have to be. This archery stuff is a very competitive business and not near as big as people think. Companies have to take care of their customer base.

Hope some of this helps. You wanna jaw anymore just speak up. I'm always open for discussion. By the way, www.archerytalk.com is a good place to find out more. There are lots of guys on there that have more time with Martin bows than I.


12-30-2007, 07:58 AM
Well whats the price on a Scepter anyway [new]? On that note and giving that all bows are accurate some just make it easier, just how much more "accurate" then would a scepter type bow be over say a typical hunting bow?

Im not looking to go the olympics, indeed i still want to hunt with it - just want an accurate rig. Am I overthinking this?

Thanks Barry!!


12-30-2007, 02:00 PM
For a new 2008 S4 in camo you're looking at between $730 and $800. That's with Elite limbs and Furious cams. Take note that tis is a bow with an A2A of 43". Don't know if that matters. Most guys want these ultra short hunting bows these days.

If you want to look at used then go over on www.archerytalk.com.

Couple bows you might for would be an S3, S4, ShadowCat, or RazorX. The last two would be a couple years old, but were noted as being really decent target bows with reasonable A2A---about 38" They've both been discontinued, but who knows, might find their way back in the lineup one of these days.

Just thought of this. Another one you might like is a used Slayer. 2005 or later with Nitrous cams. Short 6 1/2" brace height but it's a real smoker in the speed department.

I own a ShadowCat I'm going to sell, but it wouldn't make a very good target bow. Custom made with SE limb pockets and magnum limbs it comes in at 32" long with a 9 3/8" brace height.

I know this is a lot of info to absorb, but I'm trying to give you as much info as possible. I think if I were you, for the price, I'd look at the MOAB first and shoot one. See if it would do well for you. Only you can determine that. I know the riser is reflexed, but the MPro cam might offset that some.

I haven't shot an MPro cammed bow yet, but probably should. I've got some physical problems I'm dealing with so should really give the MOAB a look.
Besides, it would give me a little more insight as to how it shoots so I can better explain it to others.

On a side note, here is a real Marti guru on AT goes by the handle LeEarl. He might give you some good ideas, too. Pretty much if he doesn't know it, it isn't learnable.

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