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07-11-2012, 08:49 AM
These posts on FB make me insane sometimes. The comments people leave in thinking they would take some of these shots blow me away and how silly some of them sound. Latest from Bowhunting.com


Range: 43 Yards
Wind: Left to right 18MPH
Weapon: Bow
You are in a ground blind.



"I would have to wait on him to move that right leg forward then smoke him." <-- imo if conditions were perfect, don't think many people really understand the bonestructure in whitetail and that his shoulder wouldn't be blocking the vitals for a good shot. The whole behind the shoulder thing imo runs the risk of hitting too far back, gut shotting the deer.

Follow the leg straight up ... right in the sweetspot, you go too high, yeah you'll hit bone, but look at how close the liver and intestine are if you go too far back ... just food for thought.

"Yes I would ,that's why I practice all summer in all kinds of weather conditions for moments like this!" <-- Yeah right dude

"I would definitely take the shot and I would touch it off with my 40 yard pin about 3 inches from the top of the back and just in front of his back hip. Lung shot for sure. Made this shot before being an Oregonian." <-- Palm Face

"hell yes. just hold your 40pin right were you want it. it will go a little low since it is 43 but chances are he will hear the shot and drop a bit. and hold about 3 inches left to compensate for the wind." <-- Palm Face x2

One that I agreed with and liked:

"No way...our job as hunters is to take ethical shots that lead to quick kills. One the deer is at a tough angle..too much risk of just injuring him; two the wind is a major factor, especially fromi that far away; and three 43 yards is pushing my limit...on a target its one thing to shoot from that range, but on a deer you take the sure shot...this may be a once in a lifetime deer..but I wouldn't want to life with a lifetime of regret for taking a bad shot and injuring the deer"

^Yeah the angle is a little less prime, looks slightly quarter too ... but the bigger thing IMO was here ...

"wind is too strong for a 43 yarder and he is looking in your direction. you would be silly to try this shot as it sits." <-- If you can see his eyes, chances are greater than not he can see you ... My comment btw


What are your thoughts?? Think I'll keep robbing these from the places that I see them for us to discuss intelligently ...

07-12-2012, 08:35 AM
Mighty stiff grass to stand up like that in an 18 mph wind, great looking buck, but the only shot here is the one already taken, with a camera!