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07-24-2012, 09:55 AM
I was reading an article the other day in one of my magazines (Outdoor Life or Field and Stream, don't remember which), and came across a question that intrigued me so I thought I would pass it on:

Why is it that a 6 lb rifle is light enough to be considered a "wand", but a 4.5 lb bow is heavy enough to be considered an "anchor"?

07-24-2012, 10:40 AM
Just read the same article last night.

07-24-2012, 11:03 AM
Mostly because a bow doesn't come back and whoop your shoulder like a gun does. Light gun and big caliber means a lot o whoopin going back into the shoulder. Light bow with heavy draw weight still has very little recoil due to the offsetting forces of the parallel limb design.

07-24-2012, 07:22 PM
I understand the physics of wanting a heavier gun, even a heavier bow helps to hold steady. But I hunted rifle for years with guns that weighed way more than 6 lbs... and yes there were days I wished they were lighter!

My Saber and my Onza both weigh right at 6 lbs loaded with accessories, quiver and 3 arrows. To some, that may seem heavy, but my thought is that they should lug my late '80s scoped Remington model 700 7mm Mag on an elk hunt in the blue mountains... they'd swear it was an anchor by the end of the day!

07-24-2012, 08:27 PM
I have to say I don't pay much attention to weight on bows and firearms. Being 6ft1 208 lbs does help. I will say packing a 23 pound M-60 with 100 round assault pack hanging on it was not very fun. :D

bob cooly
07-24-2012, 09:15 PM
Wow I've humped a 8-9lb firearm all over the Serria's and Rockies when I was younger, any bow is lighter for sure but to me a bow is not as easy to carry for some reason, I always see them as much more prone to damaged if I took a slide down a shale slide. My 40 year old ADL looked like something from the trenches of WWI when I sold her, but she would still stick 3 in well under 1". Some one really wanted that rifle and paid me very well for her.

07-25-2012, 09:57 AM
you know Bob, that may be part of it; bows are a little more awkward to pack around than a rifle and sling. :)

07-25-2012, 10:13 AM
you know Bob, that may be part of it; bows are a little more awkward to pack around than a rifle and sling. :)

And there you've hit on the awnser, almost all rifles are carried with a sling attached, enabling you to remove the weight from your hands. Compound bows are rarely carried that way, most of the time carried by your off hand, pretty darned uncomfortable to try and carry your right-handed bow in your right hand, to try to relieve some of the strain your left has been lugging all day. I solved that by making a light weight easy on/off sling that carries your bow in a easy to get to position. Here's the link. :cool:

07-25-2012, 11:32 AM
All of you are right. I spent 20 years and more in special Ops and infantry units. I tell ya that younger I could hump and elephant (easy boys) on my back for days on end. You looked at any way to cut weight down on clothing water nice to have things. Now at 53 yrs of age, I finial got it. "Pack light". I would ratter carry a bow & quiver than any rifle and all the extras, ammo, scope ext... It's all the other stuff that weights you down. 3 arrow quiver helps also. I only hunt about a 1/2 mile may be a little more of my release point like my quad and or are of tracks and sign any more.