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01-01-2008, 06:58 AM
OK, here's my story. New to the sport, decided to try a "finer art" than gun hunting. Picked up a Monster Buck Hunter, LH, 45-60lb at my local Dicks Sporting Goods.
Excited about my new interest, amid a number of controlled draws, the string slipped, dry fired. I may not know much about compounds but, I know better than to dry fire one. This is how lessons are learned. Broke peep...nasty mess. Took it back to Dicks to admit my mistake, ask them to lower the draw weight, and set me on the right path. The over-pierced gun desk kid, was happy to tell me that I "toasted" the bow. Cracked both limbs.

So, any idea how much two new limbs will run me from Martin?

And as I was searching for some info, I found this post on another forum. http://forums.bowsite.com/TF/bgforums/thread.cfm?threadid=344730&messages=7&forum=2

It is a post from a Dicks employee that discovered a number of cracked limbs that hadn't left the store. So now I am curious if my goof cracked them or I bought it that way, not knowing any better to look.

I figure I'm stuck with buying new limbs, I am just looking to see the $ damage.

01-01-2008, 08:03 AM
If it were me I would call the factory on Monday (they may be there tomorrow but I'm not guaranteeing anything). Talk to them and see what you can work out. Cost depends on a few things like the type of limb, the length, deflection and such... The problem is that with any dry fire the riser can actually be broken and you won't know it until it comes apart in your hand. The horrendous energy created in the bow with no where to go is mind boggling. A friend describes dry firing the bow the same as screwing a pipe bung into the end of a shot gun barrel and pulling the trigger.