View Full Version : 2011 Martin Shadowcat let-off?

08-06-2012, 03:39 PM
I've tried changing the let-off on the 2011 Shadowcat that I have and want to know if there is anything else that I need to do.

As far as I can tell all I have to do is to move the drawstop to + or -.

I did just that and though the let-off does change, it just doesn't feel right. What I did was loosen the drawstop a little, move it closer to the - side and draw. I let the stop slide until I as at full draw then I just moved it a hair more -.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to get closer to a 55%- 65% letoff.

It could be that I'm just used to the draw curve of the older bows but it just doesn't feel right when it gets past the hump of the let-off. Is there anything else that needs to be done. As it stands I'm probably closer to 75% let off.


08-06-2012, 10:04 PM
The draw stop can be used to fine tune draw length and/or letoff. I don't know just how much change this will make but try leaving the draw stop set to your desired draw length. Next move the module to the next highest number (1/2" longer). What you end up doin is stop the draw before it reaches the valley created by the draw module. It's kind of a cheap way of doing it, but that is the only option you have other than playing around with cable/string twisting to some extent.

Anyway, try it and see what you get. Please report your results so it can be of use to others.

08-07-2012, 12:40 AM
Ok, I'll try that...I've been doing it backwards. That may be just what I need as I feel that I'm in between cam settings.

08-09-2012, 02:52 PM
not backwards~

just anoter angle. as you shorten the draw stop your letoff goes down and draw length shortens
just the opposite for lengthening the draw stop.
i have tried both ways lengthening the module and leaving the draw stop to in essence decrease let off and keep my draw length the same. it works fine but you lose some of the efficiency of getting more rotation out of your cams somine slowed down a little vs set the cams to your draw length and adjust the draw stop a little draw, adjust, draw, adjust , draw you can get the hump gone and have a lower let off just takes a little more patience and time to get it there. but i liked the way the cams felt that way to me better

08-13-2012, 02:21 PM
Thanks for the explanation.

I haven't had time to do anymore testing...just have been busy. I did shorten the DL by .5" and no adjustment to the draw stop...just didn't have time to mess with it.

I need to put on strings and cables so I'll wait to till I get that done before I mess with it anymore.