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08-10-2012, 05:47 PM
hey guys,
Having a hard time finding reliable reviews and opinions, so i figured you guys would love to help. looking at the vortex nomad 20-60x-60mm or a cheaper leopold ventana. whole bunch of cabela points ($350)burning a hole in my pocket. I am in wisconsin and won't be in the mountains anytime soon. and typically just glassing whitetails
Is a 60mm objective big enough?
Is 15-45x enough? i think it would be easier to use and i would probaby have a max range of 1000 yards
angled vs straight? i would glass out of a vehichle at least 50% of time, but i am a larger fellow and still think the angled would be the way to go

OR i could buy that leopold vendetta, just figured a spotting scope would last longer


08-11-2012, 09:02 AM
Angled is easier to spend a lot of time behind. Leupold had a better warrenty, and made here in Oregon. 60 mm is enough, I would'nt go with the 15-45 X, the whole objective of the spotting scope is to determine whether is worth the effort to close the distance between you and the game you've spotted. More important for you is the eye relief when you;ve got the scope cranked all the way up, I had a 20-60X scope that at 60X had zero eye relief, eye as close as you could get in order to see. No longer carry that scope, its use is stricktly for bench rest work now. My advise, keep saving until you can get a Nikon FieldScope or better. A really good spotting scope will cost you about the same as a Mathews top of the line bow. A top of the line spotting scope will be more than that.