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09-14-2012, 05:12 PM
My used Alien, when drawn to the stop appears that the top control cable, top limb, does not stay in the narrow groove at the very end (where it narrows up)- that it should ride in. Then as the string is let down it rides back into the grove as it should. The string is now abraded at that spot. Bottom is fine. I can post pics later, but any thoughts so far?? TIA

09-14-2012, 07:00 PM
If you could post a pic of what's going on, it would really help, but from your description, it sounds like you might need to smooth out the edge of the module. A few of them came with a sharper edge than they should have, and some fine sandpaper or a fine file can smooth the edge out nicely. Doesn't really need to be rounded, just make sure there's no sharp edge left.
I would suggest posting a pic before trying this, as that way we can see EXACTLY where you are talking about, and make sure it's not something else. No need to sand on something that isn't a problem.

09-16-2012, 05:23 PM
Local shop replaced the current string with my new back up due to wear from the modules (top), the draw stop was not set correctly causing over rotation of the modules and the string to "derail" slightly (top) on the module edge. Shop said time was good- but they looked at it at rest. But I know even as a new owner that timing is checked at full draw. Shop didn't have a draw board to check it so I rigged up a setup at home and it was obviously off. I think I have it really close now, but I'll check it again after more shooting. Only have shot it 30 some arrows. Nice accuracy @30 yards, banging some nocks-ouch. Anyway next issue somewhat common(?) to the X is noise. So I sold the Mathews SB, picked up speed but now face lotta noise. Searching through posts here and on A/T for a cure, seen mutiple possible causes, but anyone having fixed this issue on an Alien pls advise. Could send to Joel @ Martin but hoping to work through it myself... TIA!