View Full Version : Onza 3 with a Smackdown FC rest problems

09-19-2012, 03:58 PM
I am having trouble tuning my bow/rest to get my broadheads to hit with my field tips. My rest is a Trophytaker Smackdown, attached to the bottom limb. I had to trim a little of the full containment that goes next to the bridged riser piece to get the broadhead and the field point within 4" of each other but can't get it any closer. the broadhead is 4-5" to the right of the field point. I am thinking that there is some fletching contact but cant figure out where. I have fusions on my arrows btw. When I shoot the broadheads with a lighted nock you can really see the arrow tailing. Can you give me some ideas on what to look for? I have spun my broadheads and they look good and I used my ASD on them before installing the broadheads.

I have a new Martin Onza 3 @ 60# 28" draw, Easton axis 340 spine arrows. Broadheads are 100grn slick trick mags

09-19-2012, 08:05 PM
If you can, try to borrow an arrow with a 400 spine. I'm betting at least part of the problem is that your arrows are too stiff. I'm also assuming that your bow peaks at 60# and you can't go any higher. Your 340 arrows, at their present length, would be better suited to about 67# or 68#.