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10-10-2012, 10:00 AM
anyone with experience of these cams want to try describe them ? how about comparisons vs any other one cams they've shot or have experience with ?
I'm also curious as to hear others description on how they would describe the valley on these. basically tell me what i'm experiencing, lol. i drew back the fury XT equipped panatera at bluegill pro, and actually like the feel of that "hump" toward the end, which i think made the draw stop feel maybe more pronounced/solid . would like to have shot it but the sales team seemed to be too busy to supervise a test drive, you know how that is, theres always someone in there ahead of you w/ a "big 3" ( i'm ducking for cover now) thats getting a peep installed.

10-11-2012, 07:31 AM
so, what do you all think about them? would like to hear a valley description on the accu trac cause i really cant tell , dont have anything to compare it too. do these cams share the same mods?

10-11-2012, 07:50 AM
The MPro 2/AcuTrak/Tranz cam were all pretty much the same cam and used the same F series mods. The F mods actually go all the way back to the Fuzion single cam. The draw cycle on these cams all had one thing in common......a very smooth progressive draw cycle and a long valley, not much if any hump at the back end, just a fairly smooth transition to the valley. The valley on these cams can be setup much longer than the valley on the FXT cam.

10-11-2012, 11:08 AM
all right archerx7 , thanks . what other one cams do you all think are similar to these in cycle/etc ? parker or bear maybe? the easily replaced modules is a nice benefit too. throw in some speeds too folks.

10-11-2012, 05:51 PM
archerX7 forgot to mention that the Fury XT cam also has a rotating module. I personally haven't shot the XT cam. I had a 2009 Moab wt the M2Pro cam simply to compare it to my 2008 FireCat with Cat cams. I've shot compound bows for nearly 40 years. All were four wheel or dual cam bows till I got my first taste of a single cam with a 1998 Golden Eagle Litespeed. Then I shot all single cam bows while with Pearson for four years. When I joined Martin in 2004 and had a chance to go back to dual cams I jumped rigt on it.

Dual cams just can be manipulated more for finer tuning. They used to go out of sync when the first generation fastflight strings/cables came out, but with better string materials and production methoids strings are much better these days.

Now, comparing the Cat cam an M2Pro I stayed with the dual(binary) version for several reasons, but one in particular. Using a chrono I was able to get a given speed out of the Cat cam. To achieve the same speed out of the M2Pro I had to shoot 8# more draw weight. It's true that the Cat/Hybrix, Nitro cam has a harsher draw cycle, but only if comparing them at the same draw weight. With that 8# less draw weight they didn't seem near as harsh and I really preferred the lower weight.

In my opinion this is how a person should compare bows if at all possible. Set them for the exact (measured) draw length and shoot them over a chrono and set them for the same performance. Then compare draw cycles. I have never been caught up in having to shoot a bow at a given draw weight. Afterall, it's just a number. I set all my bows to where they shoot comfortably for me and ignore the draw weight. All I do is measure everything for future reference in the event that the rigging needs changed---or give me a starting point on where to set my next bow.

10-15-2012, 08:18 AM
well thats one advantage to the dual set up. less pounds for the same performance level of a single at 8 lbs higher poundage. it also is a interesting concept to not compare 60lb vs 60lb bows if they are dissimilar cam types, but reduce the higher performer to the same velocity level as the lesser performer.
so basically if someone is wanting to compare a bow or two , they need to just compare ones with similar cam configs if they cant chrono to adjust/verify that they have equaled the velocities ?
which brings me back full circle to accutrac comparisons vs competing one cams , any experiences'/thoughts to kick around on that gentlemen ?