View Full Version : My son's Savage Model 10 .243 rifle. He's ready!.

Double S
10-11-2012, 08:39 PM
Last practice for my son before general modern firearms season opens up in a couple days. We bought him the Primos tall trigger stick. What a great investment for a young hunter!. I was gonna buy the Bog pod but decided on the Primos Trigger stick after we tried one out at Wholesale Sports. Quality build and SOOOOO easy to adjust. We bought it right on the spot. I might even buy the shorter version for predator rifle hunting.


Vortex Diamondback Scope is great.


10-11-2012, 08:49 PM
Sound like you and your son are ready to roll good luck we will want pictures

10-12-2012, 07:30 AM
Wishing you and your son all the luck he'll need on the first of many hunts togather, Good looking rifle, great caliber for a youngster. :)

Double S
10-12-2012, 11:41 AM
Thanks fellas. I think I'm more excited than he is. This will be his first official hunt. I've taken him out with me bowhunting but this time he has his own tags. We've had a record dry spell her in Eastern Washington....rifle season starts tomorrow and guess what?. It's drizzling right now and they forecast rain throughout the one week rifle season. I've never hunted in the rain. Time to get the rain gear out :mad:.

Sound like you and your son are ready to roll good luck we will want pictures

Wishing you and your son all the luck he'll need on the first of many hunts togather, Good looking rifle, great caliber for a youngster. :)

bob cooly
10-12-2012, 01:07 PM
Wow that 2nd picture says it all, THANKS DAD!

10-13-2012, 09:37 AM
Best of luck to your son and you. IMO Savage is like our Martins one of the best and accurate out of the box money can buy.

10-13-2012, 01:21 PM
Way to go Gabe!!

Man, DS what a great dad you are!!!

Double S
10-13-2012, 10:21 PM
Thanks again for the kind words, The first day of hunting is over. I got some pressure to get my son his first deer ever. Plus my neighbors son who's the same age as me is hunting with us too. He's gone out hunting before with his father but didn't want to go out with his father and his fathers friend...they like to road hunt. By the time they get out of the truck and get their gear on...the deer are in the next county. LOl. He's tired of it because he still hasn't been able to kill his first deer. Anyways, He asked if he could hunt with Gabe and me....I never say NO to another hunter. He came over Friday afternoon to tell me that it's still a go for today, Then he tells me he was just laid off. I felt bad for him. Now I feel ever more pressure to try to get him a deer too for his freezer.

After taking my son out for the first day of rifle season...it is has been reinforced more why I am a Bow hunter!. I have nothing against rifle hunting as I have tons of guns but it was crazy!. People don't even pull over to glass for deer, they just block the highway so nobody else can get by them. We started out late and wasn't able to get out till about 9 am. I like to be up on the shale rocks before the sun even rises. There was a slight chill in the air with a some fog. Visibility wasn't the best in the morning but the fog later dissipated. We started on on private property and hiked our way up to where the state land started.

the Orange Army was out in full force!. They were everywhere.. People in groups...they weren't even spaced out in a line or anything. Just a big blob of orange running around. We saw another group far away...80-10 hunters, some bent down, so we figured they killed some deer. I looked over the large shelf of rock I was standing on and saw two more hunter below me dragging a deer toward the lagoon. It was a guy and gal. I felt sorry for the fella and yelled down to him that I would come down and help him drag the deer. But he said no and was appreciative of the offer. 30 minutes the large group met up with them and they had two more dead deer in the cart. We heard a line of gunfire earlier and figured those two Bucks where the sum of running the Orange Gauntlet!. LOL. It almost sounded like auto gun fire. Boom-Boom......Boom...Boom-Boom. LOL . We passed through an area with a lot of rocky outcroppings, We walked into Sniper alley. LOL. I could see orange on the tops of the rocks with hunters proned out ready to take down any legal buck that might enter their line of sight. I waved at them to let them know we saw them and that were were passing bye. I wanted to make sure they knew we were in the area. We had a Buck and two does rush bye and stop about 400 yards out but We couldn't make out the third antlers. it was still kinda foggy. They way they were moving i figured that they got pushed by other hunters. They were on full alert. We tried to get in closer to get a better look at the antlers but they took off. We weren't gonna take any chances. Later on, we had about 6-7 deer in a tight groups pass by about 300 yards out. They stopped to look at us....same thing they got pushed and were on the move. I tried to get my sticks up and at the ready for my son while my neighbor glassed them but it was all Does or small 2 point bucks. We made the long circle around the mountain and called it a day. I told my son...If he would practice more with his Genesis and the Trad bow...I will be more than happy to buy him a Martin bow like what daddy has. He complains about the Genesis bow at 20 pounds but goes and shoots my recurve bow that's at 50 pounds!. LOL He's been slacking lately with the archery stuff. I never had to compete with other hunters during Bow season. Some years I didn't even come across another bow hunter. We will be going out tomorrow at noon.



heading up to state land,


Double S
10-13-2012, 10:23 PM




10-14-2012, 08:07 AM
Yeah, it gets crazy during rifle season, by far, not my favorite time of the year. I have nothing against rifle hunting, or rifles, in fact own several, but opening weekend is scary, half of the hunter out there handle their rifle two days a year, and you're going out on the 2nd day, pretty sure that you'l see less hunters today. Hope that Gabe gets to see a shooter, and good luck today! :)

Double S
10-14-2012, 09:35 PM
Second day is over with. Crazy!. We didn't come across or glass any other hunter. It's been raining and there was a cold breeze. We didn't see not one deer most of the day, not a doe yearling or buck until we where coming down the mountain. There were some does and yearlings, and a couple non legal bucks out there. Not one legal 3 point buck to be seen. My neighbor Mike had seen a small 3 point buck at last light yesterday come down a certain path but it was too dark to shoot. So we planned on heading up the mountain where theirs a plateau and we would set up an ambush on him. We had a great vantage point...not one deer came by at all. We had a good 800 yard circle view around...Nothing. not even other hunters. Then it started raining. I like to take pics but forgot my Iphone at home but had another camera on me.

I got the MIGHTY HUNTER in a Pic!. he took the Elk Mountain Slip System and his sweater and propped up against a bush to get out of the winds and rain. it kept him and his Iphone dry. LOL. If a deer came by it would have been the safest deer around;).

Mike and I stood watch in the rain. I really was hoping to get a buck for Mike. Being that he got laid off on Friday. It would have helped with filling his freezer. he has to return to the city tomorrow. I was hoping he would stay longer and we would go out again while my son is in school, rifle season is only till the 21ist. I asked him if he might be interested in trying bowhunting. I told him that i would see if i could get my PSE bow fixed and drop the DW to 50 and see if it would be something he would be interested in. I didn't tell him but If he liked it, I am gonna give it to him. I told him Hunting during archery season is way different that rifle season. I think I peeked his interest. He's a WW2 rifle collector and is actually hunting with a Russian Mossin nagant rifle with no Scope.


10-15-2012, 07:56 AM
Better luck next week-end. Those 10 day seasons are tough to hunt when you've got school to attend. :)

Double S
10-17-2012, 10:39 PM
It was a really close one this evening. Something happened that I didn't train him for. We had about 8 deer come down the hill really tight together. My neighbor took a Doe down just twenty minutes earlier. The deer bunched up and were watching him. They came in broadside on the hill at 50 yards. Gabriel couldn't get a good lock on the buck. He had the Magnification down to the lowest setting. I told him if he wasn't sure or if another deers might get hit...don't shoot. He didn't just to be safe. We had about 15 minutes of legal time left and it was already cloudy when they bunched up and came down together. We have three days left before the season is over for him. We are staying positive. We did go down and we helped my neighbor with his Doe with gutting and skinning and dragging. That's the second neighbor and friend we've helped. Good things come to those that help others.

This was earlier at the start of our afternoon hunt after my son came home from school.
if you look above the front part of the rifle scope you'll see a little orange. It's another hunter on State land. We made glass to glass and hand wave contact to make sure we knew of each other and our locations.