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Double S
11-13-2012, 08:45 PM
I received my second Stalker bow sling from Don East of EastOutfitter's of Cottage Grove, Oregon. This sling will be for my son's future Hunting bow. The slings are easy to use, Highly adjustable to fit most folks. You can shoot with the sling left on unlike the others slings...you have to remove the sling first before you can shoot. In a Spot and stalk situation....every second counts and removing a sling makes a lot of noise which will give up your position and spook the critters. You can shoulder the bow left or right or on the back. I like to have my bow at the ready on my left side with the bows handle near my bow hand. When the situation arises, All I have to do is flick the strap off my shoulder and give it another flick to the right to clear the cams and sight picture. Nock and arrow and I'm ready to fill a tag. I have shot with the strap on connected to the riser of the bow and I haven't had any noise issue's or marring of the bows paint. The sling is light and simple to use. I will be adding a video to this review in the next few days.

Eastoutfitter's is a small family operated business which supplies archery related outdoor gear. Each of their products are made with Nylon material suited for the outdoors. They offer a wide variety of camo patterns.They use 100% strong, durable threads, resistant to abrasion, wear, mildew. THEY use YYK zippers exclusively with nylon cord pulls tied in our unique knot providing an easier grip, even with gloves on. They want their products to last you a life time of rugged outdoor use.

Stalker sling on bow and another one right out of the package,

Padded shoulder strap. The sling is adjustable and the pad can me moved up or down for comfort.

Stalker sling attached to the top of the riser,

Stalker sling attached to the lower riser,

EastOutfiiters also hand makes Bow cases, Gun cases, Liners, Mountain bike Saddle packs,gear specific bags, Quiver and limb covers, Mini gear bags,and Stalker slings.
Some of the Patters they offer are:
Blaze orange, mc2 tan, xd3, Conceal green, Mixed pine, Snowfall pink, mc2 pink, Conceal, Harvest, All purpose, Ap snow, AP blaze, AP pink, AP purple, AP Black, AP orange, AP gold, AP blue, AP green, AP red, Ap maroon.

They also offer MESH camo for covering up your recurve limbs in Mc2, Xd3, Real Tree, MOBU, Next, and TT green.

Stalker slings and the other products are made in the USA by hunters for hunters. Please support USA made and sporting small businesses.


Double S
11-13-2012, 08:46 PM
Out of the package,





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11-14-2012, 08:53 AM
The two small pieces of the double sided velcro that came wrapped around the folded up sling is supplied for two purposes, the first is to keep the sling in a neat little bundle, and the second is to provide more protection for your bows finish, I wrap a piece around the riser where I'm going to connect the sling, it provides a layer of protection between the webbing and your finish. Nice review, thanks Simon. Can't wait to see your video. :)