View Full Version : 1997 bengal strings and cable

01-23-2008, 06:57 PM
I have a 1997 martin bengal pro series. This bow shot great the 1st year I owned it. After the 1st year I had someone make me custom string and cables. The bow hasn't been the same since. This year I called a martin dealer to see if they could order me string and cables,sure enough they could.I am still faced with same same problem of the bow not shooting well.I think the string and cables martin sent me for this bow are wrong. This bow has Z cams, 65% let off,is supposed to be 36inches axle to axle,3lbs 10oz,6 3/8 brace height,51/2 inch sight window,40 to 80 pound draw, 24 to 30 inch draw lenghts,300-305 fps. I would really like to get the bow shooting like it was the first year I had it. Can anyone help? The reason I think Martin sent the wrong cable and srting is my axle to axle length is only 34 7/8 inches.