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02-04-2013, 06:09 AM
Well all the hard work ive done to get this bow in order.........made a dl adj with cables, made sure everything was back in place drew back about 2in and pow bow exploded, limb bolt pulled out of the barrelnut somehow i guess,

i dont know whats broke whats not i hope martin will take care of me.....any suggestions guys

02-04-2013, 06:46 AM
That's really an odd one. You didn't have the limb bolts backed too far did you? I'd definitely have your dealer take a look-see and/or contact customer service, but with only drawing a couple inches I doubt I doubt there'd be any serious damage to other parts (limbs, etc). At least let's hope so.

02-04-2013, 06:53 AM
i was at 66lbs i dont know what happened....... glad it didnt happen when ichecked the draw wieght.....ill have to call customer service no martin dealer near me,

all the little ball thingys???? that line the limbbolt up correctly came off

02-04-2013, 02:29 PM
I dont know what happened. The pro shop 40 mile away said it looked ok but without being. Restrung they couldnt tell if it was warped( riser or cams) anyway i can check this at home.

I cant believe i did something this dum

02-04-2013, 03:12 PM
Well first step is to find out what went wrong and why, then we'll figure out if it was stupid or not :p

Did the proshop have any ideas as to what happened? The Limb bolt blowing out seems pretty catastrophic to me....

02-04-2013, 03:14 PM
Said bolts were out to far i swear i checked em

02-04-2013, 04:13 PM
Martin says to never shoot the bow if the limb bolts are turned more than 5 turns out. Is it possible that during your adjusting on the cables, you forgot to turn the bolts back in before you drew back? I can't see it wrecking anything other than the barrel nut, and possibly the limb bolt. Either one should be easy enough to replace.

02-04-2013, 05:52 PM
Well if i was wrong lesson learned coulda been worse,

Yea my limbbolt and barrel nut is toast. Where would i find these ima get two new of each
And how do u check for warped limbs, cams and risers

Arrow Splitter
02-04-2013, 06:35 PM
Yea my limbbolt and barrel nut is toast. Where would i find these ima get two new of each

Call Joel, you'll be all taken care of.:cool:


02-04-2013, 07:23 PM
How was the limb bolt backed off too much and still at 66#? did I miss something?

02-04-2013, 07:50 PM
F My tip on this is when backing the limbs out to actually screw it in all the way after backing out. Then using the idea that one full turn equals 3lbs + /- to get to my ideal weight. Then check the measurement of the limbs w/ the archers square and make the necessary adjustment. Hope that makes sense.

02-05-2013, 10:42 AM
Well i got the limb bolt package cumin. If the strings look good but some of the twist have been remove how many should i put back in

Hutch~n~Son Archery
02-05-2013, 01:59 PM
Hang them from a nail and stretch them, then measure. They should be a tad short. For I measure mine at a hundred pounds.


02-05-2013, 03:25 PM
Should i put the twist in under pressure

Hutch~n~Son Archery
02-05-2013, 04:26 PM
Doesn't matter.


02-11-2013, 02:39 PM
Got everything ordered and cummin cant wait till friday. Speed nocks are in and my bow master

Twisted my sting back up. Lol. Shouldve seen it. 100 lbs of free wieghts hangin from a tree

Sonny Thomas
02-11-2013, 05:09 PM
Was going to say something in the Post about measuring strings. Me, 4 straight years working on bows, I have the counter top set up for measuring strings. Hook loop on this post size nail, hand stretch string with matching nail that has tip cut off and set down on measuring strip. Never had one issue where measurement effected outcome.
So much for the 100 pounds of stretch.

02-11-2013, 05:59 PM
Well i dont have a table top jig lol and i used rope and 1/4 in speed links and freewieghts

02-12-2013, 08:11 PM
On the back of the acutrack cam (i post a pic but my phone wont let me) there is two peg for dl adj( this is wat inwas doing before hand. Wich one would make 27 even and 27.5. Or is it a half below 27. Ive been shooting and compensating bows dl to my release instead of compensating release to my dl. If that makes sense.