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03-01-2013, 04:57 PM
I do know a couple of us are up here,
Digger is in Oregon, which does the same thing to Non residents as Wa. does,
So my usual area is seriously lacking in deer and Elk this year, they have moved out from the year round stay by Humptulips (for those not of this area yep thats the name of it). I can usually get in this time of year for scouting and some tracking but there's NO SIGN ??, thinking about East this year in Newport, any other suggestions or just be patient due to 8 months before season

03-02-2013, 09:30 AM
There's more than a few members of this board that live in the Pacific Northwest, I'm sure that they'll tell you where they are.
What happened at Humptulips to cause the Deer and Elk to leave? Any heavy logging operations in the area this last year? If so, the deer and elk may have just relocated to a denser part of the area. Loss of browse and cover can make them move. Any other dangers? A Fire? Wolves move in, or too many bears? Coytoes can and will decimate a herd. Current coyote predation numbers show a 10% survival rate of Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope fawns in Southern Oregon and Northern Nevada. You've got 8 months to find out the awnsers to where they went , and to scout a new area. While scouting for more sign of my avatar bear, I stumbled into a hidden herd of approx 50 elk, the area has'nt been hunted for the last several years, as its behind locked Timber Company gates, walk or bike only, but after that one chance meeting, the elk moved into deeper cover. Saw sign of them, caught a couple on trail cams, and even heard them a few times, but did'nt get another chance to see them, before the local firedanger locked us out of the woods. Of course this may be why our little elk herd hightailed it on outta the area. We set up a blind overlooking this spot, and got to hunt it 2 weekends before the firedanger locked it up.

http://images.imagelinky.com/1362241823.JPG (http://images.imagelinky.com/1362241823.JPG)

03-16-2013, 05:15 PM
Unfortunately, around us it's the .. NON resident people, that are out picking brush, we're running into a rash of poaching, around the Peninsula up here, the deer population is really dropping, at least the signs of them, plus they are being driven out of the woods and hit on the roads, especially in the Gig Harbor area, ... and Humptulips .. weird season. .. kinda warm so guessin they moved to another area, though water and food plentiful, but only a couple tracks and everything was more than 2 weeks old, no fire, no logging, ... aliens ... stupid outer space people,, just stop the crop circles and quit takin our food:cool: