View Full Version : Hooking up my personal Archery Shop.....

03-16-2013, 03:45 PM
Just received in today my Bowmaster Portable Bow Press, along with an Archery Tooling Corporation Bow Vise


Ordering a Martin Portable digital Bow Scale but also ordered this scale too;
Rubbermaid Pelouze 7810 110 lb. Hanging Scale with Tare - Industrial Grade (FG007810) $39 bucks shipped:


So we are keeping the tools together to be just about completely independent or as independent as possible.
Now I have to go build that work bench in the basement that I have been putting off. I have some of the lumber already. Stop vacillating peace and get busy.

No, no pictures of the basement just yet. Not until I get my Martin Poster hung and a few other do dads.

Sonny Thomas
03-16-2013, 08:46 PM
Congrats on the start up. I know it feels good to have one.

I sort of lost my Personal archey shop. I mean, it's still all there, just buried. Working at the shop for going on 5 years I didn't use my "shop" and the wife buried it with "we gotta save this and keep this" stuff. :mad:

I have two of those type weight scales. One goes to 110 and the other goes to 200...if I can find it (Grrrrrrr.)
I have one of the inexpensive Apple bow presses that works for old standard limb configuration. Wife picked this up at a back yard sale. Stole it, brand new still in the box for $40.00.

And then I have a assortment of basic tools I keep in the truck nearly 100% of the time. Allen wrenches, levels, Chronograph and extra this and that.

Now, I have to update my "shop." The Pearson MarXman needs a press like the EZ press. Mine nor the one at the shop will press it and this even with the limbs backed off.

03-16-2013, 09:57 PM
Yes it feels good to eventually pull things together....took a look at the Marxman, nice #3D Bow or target bow, I wish Martin would do the green, black and gold kind of flamey thing on their bows. It sure would help branding instead of trying to look like hoyt. Bows with a color scheme similar to this forum would be hot.