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03-22-2013, 05:45 PM
Some of you may remember the speed issue I had recently with my Nemesis...I almost consigned myself that all of this was in my head...THEN I received my new Sceptre 5...I measured the draw length, checked the poundage, set it up and shot a 300 gr arrow through our chrono...at one half inch SHORTER than my nemesis and 60 pounds, the Sceptre shot the arrow through the chrono at 290fps! The Nemesis is 5 inches shorter than the Sceptre and a half inch longer draw...same brace height...EXCEPT The Sceptre is faster! I give up! I AM really happy with my new Sceptre 5

03-22-2013, 06:10 PM
Now I am even more impatient to receive my new Scepter V, ordered it on the March 12th, here waiting patiently trying to keep my mind off of it and you had to ruin it. I was just nicely collecting accessories and trying to be cool and not anxious and you have to blab about how fast it is, next your are going to tell us it is a pure tack drive and that is like butter in your hands :rolleyes:

What are you using for a rest, sight, stabilizers?


Sonny Thomas
03-22-2013, 06:39 PM
Well, I R confused 2. Most all I've heard the Scepter V is long for draw length. Didn't Bfisher say he twised strings to all most knots and couldn't get the Scepter V to his draw length? I think Carlos said the same, but the mods let him get down to his draw length. The only 2 Nemesis bows I had in, new, were long on draw length, but owners accepted because the mods would adjust enough to get their draw lengths.

So how are you measuring draw length? Apex of the string at full draw to the deepest part of the grip plus 1 3/4" is AMO.

The Scepter V took over the Shadowcat leaving. My Shadowcat, 41 1/4" ata, with 1.5 cams is adjusted to the 27" by the mods, strings twisted and draw stop advanced to get a true measured 28 1/4" draw length. Set to a hair less than 56 pounds and shooting a 282 gr arrows it nails 286 fps and 284 fps on another chronograph. I messed up and used BCY .021" serving and velocity dropped to 281 fps on our chronograph and 280 fps at the ASA State Championship.

For Peace; My Shadowcat is a tack driver and like warm cream in my hands. If..... I better not. But I did hear the Scepter V was supposed to be better yet. ;)

03-22-2013, 06:47 PM
Yes...apex of the string to the throat of the grip...my Sceptre measures 25.25" plus the 1.75 gives me 27" draw at the shortest peg...on the Nitro 3 SMALL cam. 290 gr arrow at 60 pounds 293 fps. Nemesis 25.75 plus 1.75 equals 27.5" draw 300 gr...well...you know...

03-23-2013, 06:21 AM
Just ordered my alien, I hope it's not that slow

03-23-2013, 08:56 AM
I wouldn't be worried about the speeds. Do some You-tube searches on the alien and martin bows in general. The speed loss that he has is due to the low draw weight. You can't expect a bow at 60lbs and 27.5" w/ a 300 grain arrow to shoot as fast one set to the IBO specs of 70lbs, 30" and 350 grain arrow. If he had both his bows set up for the IBO speeds, he would see them within 10fps of what martin advertises. A couple of years ago, Martin used to OVERrate their bows, but they are now closer. Rytera bows have been close to the IBO speed ratings listed for the last couple of years. I would guess your new alien with a common arrow weight would shoot around the 300-310 mark, only because most people use arrows that heavier than IBO by quite a bit. My arrows that shoot are carbon express mayhems that come out to be 430 grains total weight, and speed is not an issue on my 2012 Nemesis. 10-20-30 and a hair over 30 yards are all damn near 1 pin, what more does a guy need? My arrows are heavy compared to guys that are all about speed and I acheive that. I used the same arrows on a 2010 cheetah, and my 30 yard pin was 1/8'' lower than my 20 yard pin on that bow. My Nemesis is set up the same as the Cheetah, with 29" draw and 66 lb draw weight. The Nemesis is Hybrix 2.0 cams which is rated the same as the new Alien for speed.

Put it this way......you won't be disappointed. Every time I shoot my Nemesis I smile.

Lab Rat
03-23-2013, 10:14 AM
Don't forget about string weight. Every 3 gr of string weight added will cost you 1 fps. For every 3 gr of additional arrow weight you will lose 1 fps. For every inch under 30" in draw length you will lose 10 fps. As was said earlier the lower the arrow weight the less efficient your bow becomes because of the flex of the arrow. Think of the bow having to transmit the stored energy from the string into the arrow and the arrow flexes which causes some the energy to be lost to the vibration and flex. Your better off using a heavier arrow 350 gr to test the speed. You can speed the bow up by twisting the cables which will advance the cams. I imagine that the smaller cams on the Alien 35 may cause the bow to have a lower IBO? It may be that with that cam and your draw length the Scepter is faster? Haven't you read the Terry Martin article about speed? Just kidding.

03-23-2013, 12:16 PM
Terry Martin article about speed: How fast do you really want your bow to be? Click here and on the previous sentence. (http://union-bulletin.com/news/2012/aug/22/how-fast-do-you-really-want-your-bow-to-be/)