View Full Version : Older Martin ID Help

03-26-2013, 01:11 PM
Picked up this great older Martin. But I need to find out which bow it is and when it was made, and if it as factory made or if it is a "Frankin-Bow"
The riser is marked 2430 at the stablizer hole,,WHD 5538 down by the bottom limb mount. The limbs are marked MTDL 5214 ,, 63# @ 31" ,,,"AMO 62".
the plunger hole and the quiver inserts are brass.

The Bow has quite a gap on the ball-bearing side of the riser/limb joint when it is put together. It just don't look like the limbs and the riser go together.

One other question,,,What should the torque be on the limb bolts when tightened? This is the first T/D model I have owned.



Thanks ahead of time,,,and no,,have not heard back form the tech. dept.