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Sonny Thomas
04-18-2013, 02:49 AM
Mother Nature let Spring come, but it ain't pretty. Started raining day before yesterday and really cut loose yesterday. Had to make a trip to Lewistown and it poured something fierce and thought sure hail was going to take out my wind shield. 3:30 am today, we are up. Eveland Creek runs down the middle of our property and we could hear the water rushing. Went out and we've lost the upper wall abutment of our 8 foot culvert and lost maybe two feet of the drive that goes over the top. The upper wall was made of railroad ties spiked together and chained to the lower wall. Lower wall same is half gone. Been in place for 20 years. So we may not make it out and will have to call for needs items to rebuild the abutments.

04-18-2013, 03:32 PM
Wow Sonny that's a rough morning. Mother nature sure can be wicked sometimes huh? My prayers are with you guys hopefully that'll be all the damage you see this spring...

Hutch~n~Son Archery
04-18-2013, 04:17 PM
Hope all goes well for ya Sonny!


Sonny Thomas
04-18-2013, 08:41 PM
Well, the old saying, Cheer up, things could be worse. Well, they got worse. The whole county and others are suffering. At the moment the wife and I are house locked. No way out except by boat and no boat.
If not enough the temperature is dropping and possible snow showers are forecasted. And then we may have two days with little to no rain and then rain for two or three days in a row.

Luckily, I hope, our house is built four feet above where the water is now.

Here's some pics.

The first pic shows how much I had to get my truck across before the tile went. You can the drive showing and see the next pic of my truck. That's a 8 foot tall tile. The upper wing wall for the tile was made of railroad ties spiked together and chained to the opposite wing wall. Both walls were sucked down stream, no where to be seen.

Got truck across the drive over culvert that isn't there any more. Tried to turn around and as soon as the front wheel left the gravel drive it sank to the frame. Tried to use my ATV for weight on the back end of the truck and like to went over. The water was so deep that my ATV tried floating because of the ballon type tires. Only keeping moving kept the water spread so it couldn't get to the air filter of the ATV.

My Allis Chamers DW 45.

Our garage is in 16 inches of water. We've lived here since Sept 1981 and never has water ever even got to the garage. The coon ornament by the garage door is no longer visable. The large steel tool truck box, I had to go drag it to high ground because decided to float off.

My target butt is some 50 yards from the creek that is normal 8 feet below the bottom of the butt.
Our pup female lab was just having a ball, splashing over the place. I got her retrieve 2 of my "stump" targets that were heading for the bigger flooded area.

By the "100 year flood plain" history, flood insurance was never needed.

Our garage is worst hit, all paneled and insultated. We've had boxed videos stacked up and of the bottom boxes we probably lost 200 or more. I had one computer sitting on the floor when searching for something and forgot about it. Luckily, when I had the garage built I had all electrical outlets put in from above and 4 feet off the floor. Worst of all, the gas cans started floating and one plastic gas can leaked. I also had the garage with it's own power supply and shut it down.

Now, I got the truck out this morning. Not one hour later when we went out, there was the water, about six inches deep. By the time we salvaged what we could in the garage my knee boots weren't enough.

04-18-2013, 10:11 PM
It's really bad out by me too. Schools were closed and major streets closed. Saw a picture from my High School on the news this morning, they had a geyser coming up in the middle of the main hallway. All the rivers and creeks are way flooded, just hope it doesn't screw with turkey this weekend.

04-18-2013, 10:19 PM
Whole lotta roads getting washed out, not just gravel roads but hard roads. The field below the house is a lake. And all 3 of my ponds are overflowing.

Sonny Thomas
04-19-2013, 07:18 AM
Devastation continues for our area. Whole small cities have been evaculated. London Mills said evaculated due to the dike breaking. My sis is like us, stranded until things settle down.
Adding misery to things, 36 degrees and must be colder because it began snowing a bit here and in the city of Canton.

So the water went down enough for me to get my ATV to my truck. Had to, the horn had shorted out and blaring away. Water just got the lower edge of the seats.

Of course, worse of all will be the clean up for everyone which breaks the heart as well. So much ruined and lost.

04-19-2013, 02:44 PM
Man wish we could help. Keep your spirits up, its only temporary.

Sonny Thomas
04-19-2013, 05:36 PM
Thanks all. One good thing about the garage. Maybe I can rid of some of the wife's collection that's taking up my reloading corner ;)

04-19-2013, 05:53 PM
See every cloud has a silver lining lol!

04-19-2013, 08:37 PM
Holy Cow Sonny,!!!!
We've been pretty wet on the west side of Washington but WOW.
Prayers for all over there hope not all washes away.
Better get to the tractor :p

Sonny Thomas
04-24-2013, 01:19 PM
Let me tell, I really feel sorry for the people who really got hit by the recent flooding. We just started to the clean and it's miserable and we really weren't hit that bad, not if you see other areas. Towns evacuated, dikes broke, highways washed away and the such.

Just now taking another break. Yesterday, my truck got loaded up on a trailer and headed for town. Engine full of oil, I changed the oil and filter and tried to fire it up and no go. Checked everything but that danged fuel injection. Mechanic says I can't check it on my own. So checked oil again after a good cranking and, yep, changed the oil again. Mechanic says he's seen worse and will get it going. He doesn't feel there's all that much wrong as it will fire up if given a good shot of ether. We emptied a can of ether. A couple of shots and it run and die.

I emptied my truck out for the first time in...4 years, maybe. Lord! Field points by the handful, vanes galore, new electric drill, one Sure Loc found it's way to the water and precision dial calipers. All had to be washed first then dried and dried with a hair dryer, oiled, wiped down, and you name it. All archery tackles seems saved.

Started on the garage. I just about want to take a shovel and...yeah. Most all will dry out and LPS is said the best to flush electric motors and let air dry. So electric drill, power saws, jig saw, air compressor and what I can get to are out side in the sunshine and/or hung to dry.

I just got done hanging my motorcycle, front wheel about 14 inches up to let the water run out of the mufflers, and figured time for a break.

The way it looks, archery will take a back seat for a spell....

Double S
04-24-2013, 05:03 PM
WOW sonny!. I pray that things get better on your side of the country. I difinetly saying a prayer for all!.

Sonny Thomas
05-03-2013, 08:13 AM
And it's turning out to be Black Friday. Started raining last night and hasn't let up. Not a hard rain, but rain. We have small ditch out in front of the house and it filled and running. So we are on guard. Afraid to go out to see how the creek is.

Still waiting on my truck. They got it running, but has a engine rev that haven't been able to track down, runs up to about 3000 rpms and returns to normal, only does it idling. Can't do somethings until my truck is back. Tile needs repaired and no truck, no getting the material. Motorcycle needs to go the shop, has charged battery and no juice anywhere. Could use the wife's truck, but she has this Ford Sport's something and it's rather tall and has a short bed.

Garage is coming along. Threw out at least 200 videos that were water logged. Cleaning this and that and re-ranging is the worst thing. Still have a long ways to go. Trying to figure out what part of my body doesn't ache, bend down, pick up this, wash that, move and stack whatever.... Guys, my wife collects everything and our garage shows it! Two car garage and lucky to get her truck in it.

And the grass! Mercy! And of all the things that work, the lawn mowers... Mowed twice already in a week. Looked like hay field yesterday and had to mow high the first time and come back for the final cut. Had to wind row the grass out front and was going to remove today. Well, that ain't happening, not with it raining.

05-03-2013, 10:46 AM

Did you drain and clean the gas tank in that truck? Probably have to drain and blow out the gas line and change the fuel filter.

Sonny Thomas
05-03-2013, 04:51 PM
Barry, they changed the engine oil and filter three times and another oil change and filter seating in the back seat. Said I'm to drive it a couple days, watch, and if color holds change it after a couple more days.

Transmission oil and filter has been changed twice and said to be okay.

They drained the gas tank the first day and got as much water as they got gas. They put in 4 or 5 gallons to get separation pulled another quart and half of water. They added more gas and put in two bottles Heat. Said to run the gas down some and add another bottle of injector cleaner they have for me.

Just got call about 20 minutes ago. They put on a new sensor for the throttle control and it still reved up some. That 40,000 analizer can't find a thing wrong. Tech guy said it sometimes takes 24 hours for the truck computer to reset itself. And the battery has been disconnected I don't know how many times in the last few days and that upsets the computer. I've been there a couple of times and was shown 98 sensors on the engine and under the hood! Well, maybe not 98, but a bunch.... I asked the tech; "Does it have one for me? Maybe it knows I'm not happy."

Any luck and I might have it back tomorrow.

05-03-2013, 05:51 PM
Sorry to hear about all the troubles Sonny, the aftermath is the hardest part isn't it? I don't know what all's been done to the truck, but you'll want to check the differentials as well. I had a diff blow up on me because I didn't think to check it for water after my truck got flooded.... I replaced the oil, gas, etc and clean forgot about the differential. Luckily my transmission was a manual so it was sealed.... :(