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04-25-2013, 06:11 AM
id like to install the bowjax splitlimb dampeners on my hoyt rampage xt. should i remove the hoyt dampeners or just add the bowjax and how exactly are the dampeners installed (measurements etc.)??

Sonny Thomas
04-25-2013, 08:51 AM
No sense in overkill that may due more harm than good. So use one or the other.

The AlphaSox LimbSavers, I call them creep crawlers, I guess, perform as advertised. If the bow is shot a lot, personal experience here, they wear out, start creeping. And I've went several sets beings I shot my Hoyts on the order of some 15,000 shots plus per year. AlphaShoxes come in black and camo. And there two styles, standard and for 3/4" spacing.

There are two types of the Monster Jacks, bolt on and between the limbs for .700" spacing. So you need the right set. I had the MonsterJax and wasn't impressed. One set is still on my Pearson TX4, but only due to not shooting it all that much. I start using it and LimbSavers will go on.

Some years back I tried other limb dampers and they just plain failed. One actually made noise of it's own. ShockBlox I believe they were called. And of course I tried the standard bolt on LimbSaver and they wear out, break off, after a few thousand shots.

I have only one MonsterJax. It is stuck on the end of 30 Cartel stabilizer. The only reason it's there is because this sponsored staff shooter put it on. I ended up removing one of the weights to compensate for it's weight. I have never seen where it improved anything and just leave it there because it's different.
Like years back, Sally Wunderle had this tiny mouse riding out on the end of long stabilizer.

Personal observation; If they were a better product LimbSavers would have it. Not that I agree with all uses of, but LimbSaver are used on many archery accessories for a reason. They work.

04-26-2013, 08:41 AM
@Sonny Thomas

thanks for your opinion, I heard that limbsaver dampeners are very good, but i guess they are more like the standard hoyt dampeners, the bowjax remind me of the new hoyt airshox..

maybe I shouldnt mess around with limb dampeners at all??

what else do you think is good to quiet down a bow?

Sonny Thomas
04-26-2013, 01:32 PM
First off, most bows are fairly quiet to start with. Then when adding sights, quivers and the such noise starts creeping in. If so, fix what is making the noise.

LimbSavers or whatever on the limbs absorb shock more than dampen noise. String noise is next in line. StringJax or whatever they call them will work to some degree. Cat Whiskers always seem to do the job, but for today's bows I don't know, but inexpensive, I'd give them a try.

My personal hunting bow has nothing but the bolt on LimbSavers on the limbs. No string silencers of any kind. I use a maybe med range weight arrow of 380 gr.

Real noise is what we don't percieve and that's the arrow in flight. Have someone stand down range somewhat near the target but before the arrow gets there or you stand safely right before the target and listen for your arrow.
Friend of mine did this and said he could hear my arrow so much he didn't hear my bow. So, I use a 2 to 3 degree offset and 4" low profile vanes for hunting.