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Sonny Thomas
05-06-2013, 10:59 PM
Well, cleaning up after the flood I've found a few things that I've forgot about. One is something I've never heard spoken of. I have a release trigger release. Yes, release trigger release. Perhaps some in might know what a release trigger is if Trap gun is noted. Just a trigger where you hold it back and held it go to fire. Back when I was Trap shooting every weekend and I mean every weekend I got to try a friends Browning over and under with release trigger. His Browning was of the higher end Brownings, not some run of the mill Citroi. So you shoulder, come to form (yes, form) pull the trigger and hold, call for the target and swinging through the target you release the trigger. Bang. Broken target. Well, if you the hit the target. Friend let me try until I was busting one target right after another. Gots to say it was neat.

I can't remember the name of the release. It is of the glove type wrist index release. Yes, you can fire it normal. And perhaps the manfacturer doesn't even know it will work as a release trigger release.

And I can't even remember how I found out. More than likely I was in tizzy of some sort. I went to snap the release head on the string and some how I had pressed the jaws together and pulled the trigger. Yeah, I was stunned, trigger back and jaws shut. When I let up my index finger the jaws opened.
Well, I had to try this. I figured out how to clamp the jaws on the string and pull with the index finger. Took I bit, but I came to full draw. Got on target and wham! The arrow was gone. Now that was what I called a surprise release, a real surprise release. I got use to it and shot it a bunch, but it took long to set compared to just snapping on the string. Never got brave enough to try it in competition.

I'll try to get a picture of the full release. Slip hand in, pull strap to tighten and you're ready. Pull the string and the strap comes loose. Neat sucker.

Here's some pics and hopefully in order. Some one might recognize the head.
Jaws open
Jaws closed with trigger forward
Jaws closed with finger holding trigger back
Jaws open when finger releases trigger

05-07-2013, 05:48 AM
Winn makes (made) one. I have both types of the winn.