View Full Version : Bernie Pellerite V bar and mini-silencers

Sonny Thomas
05-26-2013, 02:06 PM
I've posted before of my target bows. No one has ever seen one set up with a back bars or "V" bar brackets and the such. And not that I didn't want something. And when I did have something I had issues that wouldn't permit them. My Martin Shadowcat is one. Of all things the attachment hole in the back of the riser is drilled and tapped straight in. Drilled straight in as in exactly right angles to the string, but the hole is on the curve of the riser. Yep, bolt something down the bolt head wouldn't be flush with the V bars and brackets I tried, not even a back bar would seat properly.
And it's not that the Shadowcat really needed something as it is pin point accurate. Okay, I just wanted a better feel for me.
I threaded a pencil into the hole to show the straight in to curve of riser.

So in a swapping/buying deal that's still going on I saw this Bernie's "V" bar bracket with mini-silencers and I snatched up the set. And this person does have some goodies....

I had been wanting to add weight, but not have something ungainly and yet give a tad bit of balance. Now, the mini-silencers have a gel pack and made for lead ball weights. Sort of gooey, but... So I installed the V bracket set up to my MarXman and moved the weight around to my liking...actually removed the lead ball weights from the right and put all in the left. The V setup gave that touch more of weight, not at all ungainly, and my bow just plain felt better in the hand and at the shot. So well is set up that no changes had to be made anywhere, including sights.

05-26-2013, 08:47 PM
Very cool.