View Full Version : Goes with other shop closing post

Sonny Thomas
05-30-2013, 02:09 PM
All clothing 50% off. and of course shipping. I'll try to hold a even $6.00.
1 only - Mossy Oak shirt/pants set, $30.
Mossy Oak t-shirts;
All long sleeve t-shirts are gone....unless one is hiding.
Here's a list of short sleeve t-shirts;
Break up;
7 M.
10 L.
6 XL.
5 2XL

1 M.
6 L
2 XL
3 2XL

Mossey Oak gloves, hats. Just say $6 each. *** Mis-print, My fault. Should have been Mossey Oak t-shirts and hats.
I will honor those who ordered of this date 5/31/20133, my time, 7:23 pm.
Correction again; Mossey Oak t-shirts and hats $6.00 each.

Mossey Oak Passthrough gloves are regularly $24.95 and I have reduced to $12.50.