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Hutch~n~Son Archery
06-10-2013, 02:17 PM
This is what they had on facebook

"Dear Martin Friends and Family;

We wanted to share some news of positive changes taking place at Martin Archery. Gail Martin, our founder and elder statesman, has finally decided to cut back his involvement in the company and enjoy some well earned fishing time. To partially fill the gap that Gail will leave, a new CEO and National Sales Manager came on board to strengthen the Martin Archery team. With the addition of these new experienced executives, Martin Archery is moving forward with an aggressive marketing plan and new strategies that will benefit everyone associated with Martin Archery. Martin Archery’s major focus area for 2013 will be to strengthen the product line for Pro Shops and aggressively partner with them. We will be looking at ways to increase market presence and sales through faster order delivery times as well as continually improving quality control, and better customer service. Our 2013 line will keep the best of our current models complimented by the introduction of three new bows. We will have the strongest bow lineup Martin Archery has ever produced. Eleven uniquely different models will make up a Pro and Gold series that will surely please the whole cross section current and future Martin customers. We will keep you updated as these new products are near completion. This is an exciting time for the future of Martin Archery.

Martin Archery"

Sonny Thomas
06-10-2013, 02:30 PM
Looks almost like the first post Martin made some time back....To me anyway.

Hutch~n~Son Archery
06-10-2013, 02:37 PM
Could be Sonny!


06-10-2013, 05:48 PM
I know a lot of folks put store in what this guy has to say about archery and archery products; I do too, I enjoy his efforts and his honesty. Honesty can, at times, sure hurt though. If you've the time to watch this video of Ike's, you might want to pay attention to what Martin and Strother's Archery have in common.


In the sprit of full disclosure, let me admit I'm more a fan of this Martin Forum and the good and helpful, giving folks here then I am of Martin Archery, having so recently just gotten my first ever Martin bow. So far, I'm happy with my purchase, it's doing all I wanted or expected it to do, but so far I'm just a one-time customer, not a loyal or longtime, dedicated Martin believer/customer. But, all I've learned of Gail Martin and the wonderful company he founded in just this short while; it's certainly a company I'd like to see survive and prosper, as I know a lot of you more dedicated Martin fans surely do. I hope they do/have gotten the leadership shakeup Ike's video so vividly shows they are in need of. To go to the 'Big Show' without having your products as 'spit and polished' as they can possibly be is like a team going into the Super Bowl on no practice and a beer and taco diet since the playoffs, and expecting to be competitive. (Disclosure; I am a PSE/Shepley fan.) Note what Ike has to say about PSE and it's DNA; think that sucker was that good; quiet and smooth, right off the shelf? I think, rather, that a team of PSE professionals had that bow tuned and balanced to perfection! They and other companies were there ready and willing to compete at the BIG SHOW. I hope Martin is so again soon.

Folks, I'm not posting to be 'down' on Martin, it's just that I ran into that a while back and found it rather discouraging. "It's a pore man can't brag up his own stuff." was a saying of my old man's. Naturally, I'd like to be proud of my Martin; sure a smart buyer, I am! And, I'd like the company so many of you think so much of to survive and prosper into the future. Ignoring problems won't get 'em there. For gosh sakes, how many of you forum members could have at least set their bows up good enough for Ike to shoot at ten feet, or whatever distance they manage at the ATA show? I hope you all don't think me out of line bringing this up but, really, amateurish and unprepared is not the way to compete in the 'Big Show', nor to run a business. For more dedicated Martin enthusiast than I, I hope Martin gets it's ducks in a row.


06-11-2013, 12:46 PM
No Otis I don't think your totally negative on them and think that they have been trying to address just those issues early in this year or late last year. Fact is Fact and they are trying to sale the company and maybe something got lefty behind and or fell between the cracks. Over the years I've owned 5 or 6 Martin bows. Some were based on price others on performance. One of the best bow that I have every owned is the Fire Cat 400. I've had some issue with my FC 400 and a few issues with some of my other Martins Bows but Martins CS has always been Johnny on the spot each and every time. I'm a Martin fan but also a consumer an always looking for the best price, warranty and performance. I'm a bow junky and hope to own another Martin in the future but will wait & see what happens in the future before purchasing a another Martin product other than a few proven bows like the Onza. I look forward to see the FY14 new bow line up and to here form forum members on the FY13 spit limb bows performance. It seems that summer is upon us and the local big box sporting goods don't even have the FY13 models yet here in AZ. Most dealers here in AZ or out or still have one or two FY12 bows left.

06-12-2013, 11:02 AM
Ya know, I got to wondering why I even care about Martin; I don't care what company made our refrigerators or freezers, what brand of computer I have or the various makers of our furniture; I don't even know the brands of all of our TV's. Then it occurred to me; a bow is a 'personal' item, like a pickup or a gun, even more so. Even if you've driven Fords for years, as soon as you buy a Dodge, your a 'Dodge man'. How about being a Weatherby man, or a Browning man, a Winchester and Colt man or woman; same difference, 'personal' items. So, I suddenly find myself rooting for Martin to prosper. After studying up on Gail Martin a bit; even more so. We didn't really have computers and the internet when I was last into bows, or I would have, no doubt, known the story and had a Martin because of Gail Martin. Pete Shepley, I think, shares a similar story. That 'story' is a part of why I had/have PSE bows. It makes me stop and wonder; does the maker of such 'personal' items as bows have to be owned and run by such dedicated individuals? I actually think so. While an infusion of money would, no doubt, be quite a boost, I don't know if one of these companies could go public and succeed. I read somewhere on the internet - if it's on the internet, has to be true {:>) - that no one knows which is the biggest archery company because they are all private companies. This I don't know; have other archery companies gone under or been usurped by other companies once that leader was gone? Could a public archery company survive? Opinions might be interesting.

I really wasn't intending to sound as negative as my post may have sounded - I re-read it, gulp, but I'm not going to pull it, assuming Martin, like any good company, wishes consumer input - if they don't, they can pull it. I was in sales for many years and was actually aiming for 'constructive'. I assume the ATA 'Big Show' is where companies showcase their products and, perhaps, make the majority of their sales for the year. "If this sucker was tuned up, you'd really be impressed with it!" ain't all that effective a sales pitch, imho. And, Tosi, you're right; the product has to be out in the stores to sell. Give the consumer his choice of five bows he can fondle and try out or one 'We can order, don't know when it'll get here' and which will he/she choose? The dealer probably won't even bring up that last choice. To survive, stores have to make sales. Which products will they 'push'; the one they make the sale on today, or a future sale, which may or may not materialize? Will they want to risk the customer stumbling into a competitor's store while he's waiting?

Tosi, I THINK I read that my Cougar FC is the same bow, different cams of course, mine has the Fury XT, as your Fire Cat 400? It is a fun little guy. Does the FC 400 have the trick little 'panther teeth' on the riser?

Arrow Splitter
06-12-2013, 03:27 PM
It is a fun little guy. Does the FC 400 have the trick little 'panther teeth' on the riser?It definitely does.:cool: As far as I know it's the same as the Cougar. I really like my FC 400.


06-12-2013, 08:10 PM
I have the fury cams and shooting 284fps with a 420g arrow. Sighted into 30-75 yards (5 pin) at a 29" draw set at 70lbs. Little loud but nothing on the strings. Drop is a limb saver pro. Bow over all smooth with a great back wall. One of the best bow that I wish I still had is the new Panther 34 ATA. I hope Martin produce some great bow for fy14. Yes I have the claws on my FC 400 2011 model.

06-18-2013, 09:15 PM
They have suffered on many levels lately , and I knew something wasn't right. They most definetly need to get their ducks in a row , and I believe they will with the coming year. Hate to see a forefather company do bad . I want the best for them.