View Full Version : How's that for service?

06-24-2013, 09:55 PM
So weekend before last, on Saturday the 15th, I went to one of the local ranges with a couple friends to shoot their walkthrough course. 40 targets in all, bags with animal prints and all sorts of shots uphill and downhill through the foliage only western washington can offer. It was a beautiful day and we only had 4 targets left in the course when I drew back and SNAP, my limb cracked. No warnings, no creaks, groans, or otherwise. I was shooting really well (for me lol) and working on NOT using a rangefinder so it had been a good day... until then.

I let the others finish the course and we loaded up and went straight to my local Martin Pro dealer, VanWinkles Archery in Everett. I dropped my bow off, and was told 2-3 weeks I'd get it back.

On Saturday, the 22nd I got a call from Van Winkles, saying my bow was ready for pickup. WOW I was surprised to say the least. Unfortunately I couldn't pick it up Saturday, and they're closed Sunday and Monday, I work all week, and unless I can talk my wife into picking my Onza up for me I won't get it back until this coming Saturday anyways, but none the less I was impressed not only with Van Winkles, but with the quick turn around Martin had on supplying replacement limbs. :cool: