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06-26-2013, 08:41 AM
I shot the Regions pro am in Anderson and must say it was well run...very professional. a low turnout but i think they'll get better. i'm seriously considering the warren pa shoot in mid july.

Sonny Thomas
06-26-2013, 09:56 AM
I see more classes have been added, no speed limit for these, and lower membership rates.

I am about as limited as limited can get this year. You how it's been for me Chuck, truck, garage, flood.

The closest National for me is Metropolis (Superman town), from upper mid central Illinois to the southern tip of Illinois at least a 7 or 8 hour drive. (Remember my ASA Post, 78 degrees, going back in time?)

06-26-2013, 02:30 PM
From what I've read on AT one of the things holding back better attendance is the membership fee. I, like many others wouldn't pay it to be able to go to one shoot. Nuff said by me.

Sonny Thomas
06-26-2013, 08:03 PM
Barry, for those of us that would only get to attend one event, no, it's not worth it. For those who would attend more events then the $30 membership fee is actually minimal. And this being a money paying event there is a possibility of recovering expenses.

For me to shoot the IAA State Outdoor Championship this weekend would have me shelling out $60 for membership and $35 to shoot the event. If I were to win or place, Wow, a $2.85 medal "Made in China." I've got a few. Now, if you win in Field and score 500 or better you become a member of the 500 Club. I am unsure if it's automatic. I had to send in proof (copy of score sheet) and $5.00 to get mine. See pic.

To me, $30 membership for the ASA and entry fees of $25 for any State Qualifier or the State Championship is far better than $60 membership for the NFAA/IAA and $30 for any State Championship.
And then it comes down to what you want, cash to recover expenses or a $2.85 medal.
The IBO is sort of different for state. You become a member, $35. States don't have qualifiers like the ASA. They have either a Qualifier or one only State Championship that is a Qualifier for their Triple Crown thing. Don't know the IBO's entry fees for State.

Regions is having it tough getting on it's feet. It's going to take a bunch to get it on it's feet. And one thing Regions is doing not mentioned; Regions is giving away 10 targets to the club with the most members competing at one event. A range of targets is somewhere around $3500.00. So $1750 for 10 and right now those targets aren't shot all that much, not with less than 100 showing up so far.

06-26-2013, 10:25 PM
When it comes to IBO and ASA you always hear about the north and south shoots. To me they are all EAST. Wish Regions would have started West of the Mississippi River.

Sonny Thomas
06-27-2013, 07:27 AM
When it comes to IBO and ASA you always hear about the north and south shoots. To me they are all EAST. Wish Regions would have started West of the Mississippi River.

You have that about right. Seems Regions is just filling in "holes" left by the ASA and IBO. ASA did try farther north years back. That attendance wasn't as good as wanted ASA went back South.

May be a "feeler" needs put out to archery clubs to get a look at the archery population in areas. And maybe the ASA, IBO and NFAA need to consider state needs. The IAA, Illinois Archery Association (chapter of the NFAA) has been struggling for some years. Information for IBO events is non-existant. ASA has lost a few Illinois clubs in the past 2 or 3 years. Illinois, at one time, was tied with Texas for most ASA clubs. We dropped to 2nd last year and 3rd this year. And it's not that other states are picking up clubs all that much, but Illinois losing clubs. We had 23 and now down to 19.

I once counted up all the archery clubs and indoor ranges within a hour's drive of my house, 19. One club and one archery is now closed, so 17. Now, 17 ranges going has to have support and support is people shooting. I'm based about 30 miles West of Peoria, Illinois.