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Sonny Thomas
07-09-2013, 02:26 PM
Had I person question offset and helical - so pics.

Not to argue the point, but more companies are changing and adding to fletching jigs more than ever. 11 degrees of helix (helical) over a 5 inch length was the standard. Bohning came forth with their Helix and said to give a true 3 degrees of helix for a 2" vane. Normal offset was always 2 degrees and the most you could get, supposedly. Now, fixed jigs are said to give 1 and 4 degrees of straight offset.

When I have 5 and more jigs at my disposal I'm not about to go out and by a more modern version when my oldies get the job done.

The longer vanes are the more helical and offset is shown. Shorter vanes set helical don't hardly look helical.

White vanes are helical. Usually said, Full helical, but helical is proper. Helical and helix are one in the same, meaning, spiral.

Orange vanes are 2 degrees offset. 2 pics.

The blue and white vanes are set helical, but the vanes are only 1 3/4" long.

The yellow 2" Fusion vanes on the pen are set helical.

Sonny Thomas
07-09-2013, 02:31 PM
Last pic. This is a Carbon Express CX200 factory fletched arrow. Around year 2002/3Said is to be 2 degrees. If it is 2 degrees it's the wildest 2 degrees I ever saw. This is the way it was bought, sans tear in vane. Note CX on vane.