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Sonny Thomas
07-12-2013, 09:56 AM
Archery related I posted here. Martin forums isn't the only bow manufacturer forums slow with archers doing anything, something, or whatever. And then archery forums spring up and slowly die off from what I believe is lack of participation. Many are sponsored in some manner and if the numbers of members isn't there or Posts being made then the sponsors drop the site or forums.

Pearson's forums is dead compared to here, but Pearson is on Facebook. Aggrevating is seeing new bows coming out and nothing on the Pearson forums.

If you go on other Archery sites, like RealTree or ASA, it's more a gab site. Yeah, real exciting is read a thread 5 pages long of someone liking strawberry root beer soda pop or whatever the beverage was/is.
Before the ASA site crashed their was the girlie nightie thing. Seldom is there a real question posed.

Barry can tell you of one site that recently went down the tubes, ShootingStaff. We had, for a time, a archery coach full time there. He disappeared and no explanation. And soon after the site was gone and no explanation or warning for that matter. Would be nice to have a warning so one could copy whatever info was there of importance.

Anyone else seeing this?

Double S
07-12-2013, 10:42 AM
I think it just happens every year around this time. The kids are out of school and folks go on vacation. I haven't been on here or the other sites as much for the last two weeks. We traveled to Oregon and then my parents followed us up to Washington. Spending family time together. It will pick up again as we get closer to hunting season.