View Full Version : Bushnell again - Aug. 18, 2013

Sonny Thomas
08-18-2013, 08:35 PM
Well, I'm going to keep posting until whenever....

Shot Bushnell today. Cool to start, but the humidity in the Gulley was there, but not as bad. Cleaned my scope lens with one of those lens cleaner pens. SUCKS! Yeah, put all together, hit the timber for the 3D and ??? Foggy lens. What is going on here? I just cleaned it! So popped the first 2 targets for 10s and thought...just the humidity. Wrong! Kept trudging along and more and more the view was hazy. Now, hazy and all I was shooting good. Made one error though. Whoever set the range wasn't checking the target after it was set. Walk up platform shots are also to be set so to shoot off the ground. The only was to get a look at this standing black bear was look through the steps up to the platform. So I guesstimated, guesstimated again and said; "In doubt give it some more." Instead of shooting in front of the steps I should have walked to the shooting side of the platform. Yep, quesstimated too long and shot right over the 10 ring for a 8. So 2 points down. Two more targets and just plain had to stop. My lens looked like it had been waxed and not buffed out, that bad of a hazy. So soft paper towel in my fanny pack, I started wiping the lens, careful not to snap off my .019" thin fiber pin. I wiped that lens forever before it was decent to see through. Shot clean until target 19. The Black Hole. Man, I tellin' ya with a lens, out in the sunlight, facing towards the sun and shooting into hole it is that, Black Hole. Eyeballing I thought a good 35 yards to the big Caribou. I then looked for a "pointer" and found one, a branch. "Fire for Effect!" Dang! Right distance and one of the those repaired targets and a 10 ring half the size it should be. Just missed to the right by a good 1/4". So 4 points down. 11 targets to go.

Target 20, the Delta Grizzly. I love that target. I had a Delta Grizzly. Bought it for like $50.00. Shot up a bit, but I repaired targets and I repaired it good, used Rinehart foam cut from shot out centers for the deep holes and used McKenzie type foam to cover the filling by some 2 to 3 inches.
Anyway, zeroed in the on the Grizzly and Xed it from 32 yards. Painted flat black, a repaired target, there was nothing to go by, but remember the target and a pray.

Caught up with some youngsters and one asks how I'm doing. Well, I doing good, 4 down. Mistake. Yep, got to thinking about my score, pulled down on this 35 yard white wolf and forgot I still had my sight set for 32 yards. Low 8. So 6 down. Ticked off a bit I bore down on the next target, another 35 yard target, a Rinehart Fallow Deer. Drilled that sucker.
Lord! I wish whoever rebuilds Bushnell's target would use the right size kill zone. Pulled down on this HD McKenzie buck and thought sure I had it "dead." Someone used a soup can for the 10 ring and a bottle cap for the center X ring! Okay, back up a bit. I did not take my binoculars and should have, but got to wrapped up in my hazy scope lens and when I thought about my binoculars I just said; "The heck with it," and kept on going. so 8 down. I then cleaned the course to finish with a 292/300. Longest target was a bedded elk in a dark hole. I guessed it over 45 and gave it 47 yards. I hit just below the center X ring.

Not bad, but not real good either. Pitched the lens pen when I got back to my bow case and tied my binoculars to my hip quiver....

So Black Diamond is the next 3D and September is the last month of 3Ds. So 5 3Ds left for the year....