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08-29-2013, 08:51 PM
Yesterday evening I was shooting in preparation for my upcoming Idaho trip that is in 2 weeks. Was getting ready to send my last arrrow of the evening when I heard and felt TING! } let down immediately and looked the Onza over and saw nothing obvious so I drew back and sent the arrow. Went in the house and upon further inspection found a crack in the lower limb.
My local dealer is open til 9 thankfully. Called and told him I was on my way and dropped it off to him so he could call Martin today and get the replacement limbs coming. Text him after work to see if he got it taken care of and he said he called twice and never got a call back. Now with them not being open on Friday and most likely not Monday there's a good chance it will not be fixed in time.
My Silencer has a stripped screw in the draw mod and I have been fighting with that trying to get that fixed.
My next option is My Strother Rush XT which I have been having trouble getting the let off I want. The dealer is an hour and a half away and has been bending over backwards trying to get it right. Mind you I got this bow for free and the only money I have spent on this bow with the dealer is for the rest and peep. Messaging back and forth this morning and him making a call to Strother, they are now making me a new bow and will be shipping it asap so I can have it in time for the trip.
As for the situation with the possibility of Martin closing it's doors, I have been shooting Martin bows for 30+ years and absolutely hate to see a top company drop so fast. Either way whatever happens with the company, I think I found my new company from here on with Strother.

08-29-2013, 10:14 PM
If it hits the fan, I am going to jump on the same wagon. Good luck either way.

08-30-2013, 10:14 AM
Yep it's going to hit the fan. I called CS and left a msg and no call back twice. I would like to get a set of Nitro 2.0 Cams just in case. You can get the limbs from Barnsdale which I have for my fire Cat. Just like to have a set of Cams. I have sold all my Martin bow but keep the Fire Cat 400.