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11-04-2013, 01:26 PM
Nice to see the forums back up and good luck to the new owners.

I've gotten into stringmaking just for myself through disappointment with store bought strings. Have made ten strings so far using 452x, 8125G, Dynaflight 97, Fast Flight Plus materials.

Question one: Many feel that 452x is too harsh because of the no stretch qualities for Olympic style recurves. What are your opinions?

Question two: How do you choose what material your strings are made of? I guess with a chrono one may see speed differences but in casual shooting, I cannot tell any difference whatsoever, the bow even sounds the same whatever string.


11-04-2013, 02:40 PM
Just me but I really like 8190 sting and 452X on the cables. Yes Chrono, for me 8190 runs about 4-5fps faster on the bows that I have changed and is a little smaller diamiter. Throph is really good and would be my second choic as it smooth on the shot and still very fast. I did not like the 8125 as I got peep rotation and will fray, little loud. I'm looking into Bcy X as I have read some good things.

Hutch~n~Son Archery
11-04-2013, 03:49 PM
For recurves with reinforced tips you can put any string material on it. 8190, 452x, D97, B55 or even the new bcy x. For older recurves b55, or D97. For flemish strings B500.
For new compounds 8190 string cables 452x, X string cables 452x, 8125 string cables 452x Older compounds B55 or D97


11-04-2013, 06:53 PM
Thanks guys, I'll try 8190 and the X next. It's good know 452x is OK for Olympic style recurves, some on another forum told me I'd de-laminate the limbs to breaking off tips. Actually in making the various strings, I didn't find that much difference in stretch between materials, they were all very little. I have to get a scale to actually see how much tension I'm putting on the strings. Right now I'm guessing by feel at how 100# feels but it's probably around 250, maybe 300#, usually overnight.


Sonny Thomas
11-04-2013, 07:03 PM
I can't hear the difference of any string regardless string or bow. I just shoot them.

Most all of my strings for my compounds have been made of 452X. I just today had my Pearson MarXman returned after product evaluation (they don't tell us anything). Anyway, it was returned with new Pro Line strings of 452X.
I put something like 18,000 shot through the MarXman and the Pro Line strings before the evaluation thing. My MarXman was one of the first released and has different looking cams than the production line bow. Said the difference is only cometic.
The original Pro Line strings, besides the 18,000 some shots, were tortured. Freezing to blazing heat, rain, humidity worse than rain and a new teflon (try it, you'll like it) cable slide chewing on the cable had one strand break about 3 months ago.

Just yesterday I recieved a new set of Pro Line strings for my Pearson TX4 made of the new BCY "X" material. "X" is a blend of 8190 and 452X. Don't know these will perform and no reports so far how they perform other than Pro Line's claim and a few people "pushing" them. Like most all new strings they do look good.

Pro Line strings. They come on Pearson bows that I know of. Evidently bigger than most string companies as they have 13 employees. Wow!

Chillicothe Custom Bow Strings builds his with 8190, I believe. Chris gets raves about his strings...Everybody does ;) But then Chris says he's been buried with orders.
M&R Bow Strings are 452X, but will build to that wanted. Roger is just great. I give him the name of some ancient bow or off brand whatever and he has the information to build. Want information on string twisting, he's got it.
He also built the strings for my Frankenstein bow, a Kodiak Outdoors Bow Logic 36 (Proto type never brought to market) fitted with Pearson Z7 cam and wheel. Just turned out great.

Regardless of all, I normally get at least 15,000 shots per set of strings in a year's time and change them.

11-05-2013, 09:57 AM
Yeah Sonny, the one thing I like about making my own strings is, it lets me play around a lot. After making the "standard" or string mfg recommended, this time, I'm going to start playing with a lower strand count and minimal serving length, customized to my recurve bows. The string making boils down to a funny situation it seems, I need to regularly make strings to keep progressing and refining the techniques but doing that will eventually amount to having a whole lot of strings, I couldn't possibly use them all in the time I have left in this world unless I maybe change strings every 4-5 months or less...haha!