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Mike G
11-27-2013, 09:09 AM
I was looking through my hunting pictures of deer that my brother and I have shot, along with our boys and friends we have hunted with over the years. I really started to notice that there are a lot of pictures without any deer in them, just the "guys", or one of us setting a tree stand or just walking through the woods and group pictures. I found myself reliving hunts of the past, not all with deer associated, some just a funny thing that happened or a missed shot by someone, even me!

Over the years we have taken many deer. There are some big bucks, but most are just the average year and a half buck. A lot of does, and there are always very fond memories of every deer we have ever gotten. There are pictures of the first deer our boys have shot and a picture of the very first buck my friend Tim ever shot with a bow. In fact I am quite sure it was the first deer he had ever shot with a bow.

There is a picture of a friend of my nephew that wanted to learn how to bow hunt, but who's dad didn't bow hunt. He had bought a bow from a yard sale and couldn't hardly hit the broadside of a barn with it. My nephew asked if I could help him. Well I jumped all over that, got his bow set up for him. Taught him how to shoot over the summer, set him up with a tree climber, scouted with him for a stand location where we hunt, and he shot a doe on the opening morning of his first bow season. What a thrill!!! Those were back in the days we would set up an old fashioned deer camp for opening week of the archery season. They no longer allow it in the area we hunt. We always left the area clean, and although I would go about and clean up sites where others camped the DNR and Township decided it was no longer legal to camp in designated areas of the Wildlife area.

Things have changed. Our faces look older. My beard that I grow over the winter has gotten grayer and whiter over the years. Our gear has gotten higher tech. Our clothing has gone from the army issued camo to the brand names. Scent loc suits with high tech fabrics have replaced cotton and wool. We wear glasses and have carts to help get deer out. I still love it!!!!

I give thanks for all the great memories and times I have spent with family and friends, all the great eating, and new friends we have met while out hunting.


11-28-2013, 10:30 AM
You're right Mike, things sure have changed. In the summer of 95, I went along with a friend who belonged to a old Deer Club, these guys still hunted the same area that their Dads did. We went up to the camp in Northeren Wisconsin, near Ladysmith to redo the snow roof on their cabin, Camp Hand they called it. Wonder if those camps still exist.