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12-11-2013, 02:02 PM
I recently purchased a 2012 Scepter V and set it up last weekend. The sight is a Davis system sight with 6x scope with dotted lens. I added a Bright site peep as it is supposed to work with all magnifications. The Bright site peep did not work for me (Scope and Target are fuzzy). I know it does work for many so I'm starting to think the reason may be because I have to wear reading glasses (1.75x). I changed to a standard 1/8" fletcher peep and all is clear. Looking at the truball website, it seems that I probably would benefit from a verifier? Not sure exactly what that would do for me. I know my distance vision is getting worse in my dominent eye. I'm just looking for others experience.

Sonny Thomas
12-11-2013, 05:20 PM
First, with so many sight systems on the market, I have no idea what the Davis thing is, nor have I messed with the Bright sight Peep.
Now, 6X is pretty strong and not many use such power for anything except possibly Indoor target. Many people can use 4X and successfully without use of a Clarifier or Varifier.

A Clarifier clears up the target. A Varifier clears up the pins. Both do the opposite, so a trade off. A Clarifier will blurr or fade out the pins. Varifier will blurr the target. So you have to find a happy medium.

Here's how a normal set up goes with use of a sight frame, like a Sure Loc, and with a non-lens peep. Sight frames have extension bars. With what ever power lens you have, you move the sight bar in or out to get the clearest sight picture.
Also, sight of aperture can make a difference. Bigger lets in more light.

My personal setup; Super Ball peep with 3/64" aperture, Sure Loc sight frame with mounting plate 1 inch back per the mounting bolt holes and the sight bar back 1 inch per indentations for the tightening bolt. I use plastic and glass lens of 4X for all shooting needs, but do have 2 outstanding 6X glass lens for indoor target.

Archery Speciaty has Clarifiers and Varifiers in a wide range or apertures sizes. 1/8" Super Ball peep; 1/16" thru 1/8". The Hunter peep is 1/4" and Varifiers available. A adapter is available to reduce the 1/4" so to use smaller apertures, Clarifiers or Varifiers.

Most that need a Clarifier use a #1 Clarifier (Yellow for the Super Peep) for powers 4 to 6. A #2 Clarifier (Green) is for 6X and more. A #3 Clarifier (Red) is for 7X up thru 10X.
Again, moving the sight frame in and out may help give a better sight picture.

Varifiers are normally seen with fixed pin sights, not that can't work with a lens. These also come in different ranges. I have not had to use them.

Best I can do....

Other; My 6X lens are nicely clear for the power they have. I don't have to use a Clarifier indoors. Outdoors and I definitely need something as everything gets blurry...
One is drilled for a .019" fiber optic pin. The other is not drilled and I use the stick-on dots or circles and it may be used with stand alone pin.

12-12-2013, 06:03 AM
There are some good tutorials on www/specialtyarchery.com. This the company that makes Specialty peeps and associated apertures and Clarifier/Verifier lenses.

Clarifiers are used mostly for those who use a scope lens of 4X or more and experience a blurry target (explained by Sonny). I tried an early version back in the late 70s and all it did for me was obliterate the dot in my scope. Consider this was many years ago and things have improved since then.

Now, Verifiers I can talk about since I have used them and still do occasionally. Unfortunately my aging eyes keep changing on me. Over the years, and with having RK on my eyes nearly 20 years ago, I have gone from near sighted to far sighted, right eye to left eye dominant. I wear glasses, with +2.25 lined bifocals, but cannot wear them for shooting. With no Verifier my pin/dot is blurry. With a #6 Verifier the pins get sharper. Basically a Verifier acts as a bifocal lens clearing up things closer to your eye. Get too much diopter and the target will become blurry.

The nice thing about Specialty peeps is that one peep housing allows you to change aperture sizes (they're threaded) and/or use Clarifier/Verifier lenses in the same peep housing. If you have a well stocked shop they should have these things. They also should have a demo board with the various lenses imbedded in it that you can hold out in front of you, like a bow, to see which would suit your needs the best. This at least gives you a place to start looking. I would suggest doing this and then trying the lens of your choice before buying. I would also suggest changing to at least one diopter size up and down to see which one seems slightly better.

Sometimes you can just change the focal point of the sight if it's mounted on a dovetail; again, suggested by Sonny, or just change the size of the aperture. Usually changing to a smaller aperture can clear things up. Bear in mind that any lens or smaller aperture diminishes the amount of light passing through it.

These are all things to consider and/or try. Nothing is ever written in stone so one size (lens) does not fit all. We all see differently


12-12-2013, 06:51 AM
Thanks guys........that helps a lot. Probably should get a truball so I can experiment a bit.

12-12-2013, 01:59 PM
Trueball ??????? Trueball makes releases.

Sonny Thomas
12-12-2013, 07:15 PM
Super Ball maybe ;)

12-13-2013, 08:01 AM
Super ball......true ball........volley ball.......lucky I can still remember my own name.....

Mike G
12-13-2013, 02:59 PM
Super ball......true ball........volley ball.......lucky I can still remember my own name..... LOL Paradox!!!!

Back in the late 90's and around 2000 my eyes were changing and fast. I went from not needing any glasses at all, to reading glasses, to eye glasses all the time and then to bifocals. I tried smaller peeps, larger peeps, different power lenses, clarifiers, verifiers and everything else that everyone was saying I should try. I dumped a small fortune in sights. Then one day when I was just out target shooting the guns I happened to mention to a guy that had commented on my accuracy with my 44mag pistol, that I wished I could mount a Red Dot scope on a bow. I told him if it wasn't for the Red Dot scope on my 44 I wouldn't be able to hit the inside of a barn wall. He told me they made mounts for a bow and that I should check out BSA website, or HHA. WOW .... after some very frustrating trys at mounting a Red Dot scope to my bow, one day things just came together and I've been using one ever since. The only real problem is it's just a one pin system. My eyes finally stabilized out, although this fall when I went in they upped my prescription again for the distance but said my bifocal strength remained the same. Sooner or later I'll be able to just cut off the top of coke bottles and use the bottoms!!!

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

Sonny Thomas
12-13-2013, 05:42 PM
Well, this Thread should be in the General or 3D/Target forums. And since I still can't create a new Post, here goes.

Mike G noted the red dot sight. They are on the market or at least were and are/were adjustable. Shooter friend has one, but a real bummer to set so it's correct for distance. Something about set sight so and shoot X distance and set sight and shoot Y distance and then do something to blend the two. There is also the holographic sights.

It hasn't been conductive for shooting for the last couple days. I have a cold that keeps dragging on, 25 degrees outside, bit of breeze, overcast and a coat on. Irks me that I have to go to another shop to press my bow, but another subject.
Anyway, up close 20 yards I didn't notice it too much, but farther back and I began getting arrows not grouping as tight as they should. I was seeing the black scope housing. Okay, you can't center black against black. Already sighted in for testing I didn't want to move my sight bar. A smaller peep, 1/32", just made everything dark. I ended up removing the aperture which gives a 1/4" peep opening. Presto! I could then could see light all the way around the housing and give a consistent center. Seeing so much more than usual it took me a couple of shots to say; "Hey! This works!" Confidence gained I commenced to pound some pretty good groups from 20 back to 30 yards.

Size and color of fiber pins and dots can make a difference for aiming. Housing size plays into this also as just noted above. I have small, medium and large and not enough or not enough lenses ;)
I used .029" for years for hunting, 3D and paper target and never had any accuracy problems. Just last year or so I went with a .019" for my MarXman. I can't say that I'm one bit more accurate.

And understand, target shooting is different than 3D. For one, there is no dang circle/bull's eyes to stay in on a 3D target. Yeah, McKenzie targets show the point rings more than other 3D targets, but when the distance gets out there those point rings don't show, not with a 4X lens.

Bull's eye targets all have the same feature regardless of size and this is the center to any ring on the target is the same center for all the rings on the target. IE, if can center your pin or dot to any ring on the target you will hit in the center X ring...if you do your part. As such, I've used .019", .029" and dots of various sizes up to 3/8". I probably could have used a larger dot when shooting Outdoor target. I used a 1/4" dot in our IAA Indoor Championship to pull down a 3rd place in Championship Flight.

Here are some that lenses I have. The smaller housing, the lens has no pin or drilled for a pin, just circle or dot is used. And a couple pics of targets with the 1/4" peep opening...

12-16-2013, 07:46 AM
Great post Sonny! It's freezing here in RI right now but I did play around a bit and what I found is if I wear my 1.75x reading glasses, the scope and target are crystal clear using the bright site peep and 6x lens. If I use just a regular 1/8" peep, the target is clear and scope just the slightest bit fuzzy. Got to go to the eye doctor soon as my dominant eye's distance sight has gotten more fuzzy over time. The bright site may be just fine if I get my vision straightened out. Mike G......I feel your pain with pistol sights. I'm also pretty big into 10 meter airgun shooting and now can't see the dang sights. All my air rifles have scopes on the so there's not a tin can that is safe in my backyard. As my parents like to say (Both in their mid 80's) getting old is not for sissies....lol