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12-16-2013, 03:30 PM
I know time may be short so I am hoping I can get my answers and $$$ situated to get myself a nice bow.

1) I have a 31" draw length. What am to do when purchasing a traditional bow? (ie. Savannah, Super Diablo[TD and regular]) I have mixed reviews of using a bow rated at 28" with a 31" draw. I understand the poundage will increase from the rating but what am I to expect with life expectancy and damage?

2) What is a good affordable bow to start out with? The Jaguar is on my short list. Criteria is USA company and bonus points for being manufactured here too.

3) Is the Hedgehog a good starter bow for my boys (age 4 &5)? All I want is something light (5-8#) and lasting.

Thank you for your time


Sonny Thomas
12-16-2013, 06:33 PM
Boy! 31" of draw would put up some pounds, but I doubt hurt the bow. I haven't played around with a recurve for quite awhile and my last were target bows. Just replied to one on arrow selection. My 34 pound recurve went to around 40 pounds with my 29" draw.

If no one replies here I'd suggest AT's Traditional Forum....

12-17-2013, 07:58 AM
I don't know much about it but with a 31" draw I think you would want the longest bow possible. Less finger squeese and stacking.

Sonny Thomas
12-17-2013, 08:26 AM
Stevtech, stick bows and recurves come pretty long. Any of the 60" should be comfortable. My two longest recurves were 68 and 72". My hunting bow was a 60" Fred Bear rated 40# at 28" gave right at 43 or 44 pounds with my draw length. Even the Bear Baby Magnums, short as they were, didn't give finger pinch. Can't remember the length at the moment.

Mike G
12-17-2013, 12:52 PM
Welcome to the forum jsibs, I don't think a 31" draw hurts a long recurve or longbow. My son-in-law has a 31" draw and has shot my longbow. My longbow is rated at 60# @28" draw. I've never measured what it gives him for poundage when he is at full draw, but he says it feels like 100#. It's 60" long and he says it feels like it really starts stacking in the last couple inches. He has never shot my Damon/Howatt recurve. I would actually ask the techs at Martin what they feel and what each bow gets for poundage at the 31" draw. They should be able to check it out for you.

12-17-2013, 05:42 PM
Thanks for all the information. I was hoping that a longer draw would not cause damage to a bow and I believe that I will be good to buy then resell with a good conscience.

Thanks for all the help and I will try to get in communication with the techs at Martin to get their advise.

Thanks again.