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02-19-2008, 01:53 AM
Well just got my Firecat today (used) and my First Impression upon holding the bow wow...this baby is light..feel's like a Kid's bow in my hand's...I did a thorough look at the bow and I was Impressed at the build of the bow...And when I drew I was like whoa it was kinda tough but it's been awhile since I had a Twin Cam bow...and this was a bit smoother than the older Twin Cammed bow's I have owned and it made me :D...the hump at the end where the letoff kick's in is very Minor for how smooth it drew and the wall has a very solid feel to it. I really like this Bow and it got me :D. I haven't gotten a chance to put some arrow's thru it since it started to rain after the postman delivered it...I just put my Martin Mount Whisker Biscuit from my other Martin Bow on it and my Trophy Ridge 3 pin Sight and my Eastman Stabalizer on it just to get a feel of it with all the accessories on it...so hopefully Tomorrow I can try n put some arrow's thru it to test it out...I'm gonna order a New Sight and Rest for it...Gonna get another Viper Sight and Hopefully a Martin Mount Prong/Tounge Rest....Hopefully someone has a rest for sale lol since I can't order direct from Martin. I will post more once I get to shoot this Bad Boy!!!!;)

02-19-2008, 08:10 AM
Congratulations on your bow!

You might also like to look at new stabilizers. The purpose of a stabilizer is to balance a bow better, and to cause a smooth shot. If you are talking about the little rubber carbon rod one they mahe, then I would really reccommend you try some from Sims and doinker.

02-19-2008, 08:59 AM
Yea right now the Eastman I got is about 8" long and about 4-6oz's...I'll be looking for a stabalizer that will keep the bow balanced aka "Dead"after the shot...I'll be probably ordering a Posten Stabalizer soon...this bow will be my bow for 3D for now... I'll be ordering some Sim's Limb Saver's for it I already have the Sim's Cable Dampener which I put on the Firecat. Hopefully the weather clear's up in the morning..but as of now it ain't looking to great.

02-20-2008, 10:40 AM
Good for you.

I feel sorry for your competetors; with that bow there will be no room left in the X for them!

02-20-2008, 05:51 PM
Congradulation on the new Fircat . I got mine last week and love it. Awsome shooting bow:cool:

02-24-2008, 02:02 AM
Ok I got a chance to shoot it today before it rained and my Impression's on it were...:eek:WOW...it was really fast at 70lb DW and @ 28" DL .... put some shot's thru my Martin Mount Whisker Biscuit...and was pretty darn quiet...then the Rubber of the STS popped out a couple time's...I think I need to glue it in....and then I changed my rest to a NAP Quick Tune 1000 prong rest and once I drew right after the Hump my arrow kept popping off the rest...had a hard time keeping the arrow on the rest....well I dropped the weight down about 3 turn's top n bottom limb's *To Light for me... and the arrow did not Jump after the hump...then I turned it up about 2 turn's and the arrow did not jump off the rest...Well I'll get used to the hump after I keep on shooting but one thing for sure is that I Love this Bow....Gonna try and do some more shooting tomorrow if the weather permit's...I'm only sighted in at 10-30yd's...and that's still on my first pin lol

03-09-2008, 05:50 AM
Ok did some sighting in again this past week before it started to pour...I re-adjusted the nock and removed the string loop and shot directly from the string...I found out the cause of the arrow jumping was from a nock point that was a bit high...now I have it leveled and the arrow doesn't jump anymore and well I decided to pick up the poundage back up to 70lb's and it shoot's like dream...my arrow's where grouping a modest "Silver Dollar" size..:D. I felt I shot better shooting directly off the string than with a string loop(shoot all my bow's of the string)...I get no peep rotation while drawing and have a better anchor point for my draw length. Now all I got to do is to do a lil fine tuning to get optimum cam setting's. So far the speed of the FC is Smokin Fast ....was asking my friend to stand behind me to see how my arrow's are flying and he said they are going to fast lol....tried it 3 time's and he still couldn't see it. Well it started to rain so I wasn't able to shoot more..I maybe got about less than a 100 shot's on the new sight(Sure-Loc Cobra-Extremely Bright Sight). Hopefully I can do more shooting this week since the rain started to slow down and get this sighted in more before the start of our 3D shoot here..which is in 2 week's. To the Martin Staff...The Firecat is an Awesome Bow to Shoot. And to those Archer's that are thinking of getting one...Just Get one!;). I purchased this bow without even shooting one and I'm glad I did.