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CLT Bluesman
01-31-2014, 03:26 AM
I have been reading about Grip on another thread. Especially when it concerns the shorter brace height. I always grip my Cougar II with an open hand, not with my fingers wrapped around the grip. But not all the way open, my fingers would be pointing towards the target. When shooting my Browning bow this summer without a sling, sometimes the bow would fall out of my hand on the release. I taught my grandson to maintain this open grip when I started him on his Misson Craze this past summer. Is this still the accepted grip?

01-31-2014, 07:37 AM
I shoot open handed and have a wrist sling. I don't use the wrist sling but it is there just to make sure the bow doesn't hit the ground. But I am curious what the answer will be from the pros.

Sonny Thomas
01-31-2014, 09:48 AM
Well, slings have their purpose. Grip a bow properly, all concentrating on the target and, yes, the bow can go "down range." Been there, done that. Heart stopping is watching a new bow skidding on concrete. I got lucky. The thickly painted floor kept the bow from being damaged. Yes, the owner was watching and had wanted me to show him how to hold and how the bow shot. The arrow was in the bull's eye, just catching the X ring.

The non-grip holding of the bow is the grip to have. Hand fully up and the relaxed hand is pictured. These hands are so large they don't really need wrist slings.
1st is of Levi Morgan, today's man to beat on the ASA 3D national circuit and has been for the last few years. His hand is big, fingers long and slender.
2nd is a pic from nuts&bolts, noted bow tuner, and used to illustrate.
3rd is Tim Gillingham, another shooter who has claimed many titles and still claimng titles. Tim is a pretty good size person. He can draw a 80 pound bow like I can a 50 pound bow. Tim used a glove here as he wanted the bow to slip fit exactly as he wanted.

Sonny Thomas
01-31-2014, 10:06 AM
Steve Boylan, once NFAA Senior Triple Crown Champion. He tucks his fingers for this particular bow. When shooting a Mathews his fingers were more like those pictured above. Note the checks on the wall..... I shoot with him ever so often at a local club. Genteman that he is, it's always is a pleasure to shoot with him. Steve is a couple months younger than me and still one of the top Senior Paper target shooters on the NFAA national circuit. He'll be 65 this year. Last year Steve developed a nose bleed. Blood just dripping something terrible, blood all over the front of his shirt, blood on the floor and him in a shoot off with the great Randy Ulmer. Klennex stuffed in his nose to stop the blood he had trouble breathing, swallowing and spitting out blood. Randy beat him and Steve was on his way to the hospital. Just unbelieveable....

01-31-2014, 12:05 PM
Of the three pics above the center one is what is considered the most acceptable starting position these days. Notice how relaxed the fingers are. I hate to see it referred to as grip because you really don't grip the bow at all. What's also important position your hand before drawing the bow and maintain that hand position and relaxed fingers through the complete shot sequence. Once you start to draw the bow if you have to shift your hand position then you will be inducing torque. If you feel you need to alter your hand position then let down, do so, and start the draw anew. Over time you'll get it down to a Tee and it'll become automatic.

CLT Bluesman
01-31-2014, 07:18 PM
Holy Cow, They look like nothing I have ever seen before. I will have to study the pictures and try that. Are you saying the picture of Tim Gillingham is the one, or the one from the nuts and bolts guy. Do you use that grip for hunting too? Wow, I am amazed. I am glad I asked this question for sure. I was teaching my Grandson the wrong way.

Sonny Thomas
01-31-2014, 08:31 PM
I believe Barry was noting the 2nd picture of the 3, which is that from nuts&bolts. Tim, the 3rd picture, has the glove.

Yes, I hunt with the relaxed hand like in the pictures. The hand fully up has no where to go, so no bow slippage.
World renouned Dave Cousins put up a picture for hand placement to the riser (like that, Barry?). Sent through some type of new phone or electronic gizmo the picture can't be copied. BUT! I had the wife draw lines on my hand with me holding my bow. So I'll put up a picture of my much abused hand. Another picture of one holding a bow properly, if it'll load.
The picture with the trophies shows how well it works for me. That picture represents well over 120 times placing and winning since year 2000. My dad's idea for the shelves or many trophies would have hit the junk pile. I have donated many trophies to classes for kids 11 and under.
I picked up a compound in Dec of 1998 and never knew 3D existed until late 1999 - I shot once then. In 2000 I was fully addicted and don't care for a cure ;)