View Full Version : Bengal STS, cam rotation & string twist

02-28-2008, 12:29 PM
Aparently my '08 Bengal isn't an '08. It came with the newer style rounded VEM modules, but it has the dog leg cable seperator & no rear drilling for an STS.

I would like to put an STS on it. I read on here about a Martin STS, but the online store doesn't show one.

Is there clearance for both bars on a double front mount or should I order a single?

Barry F, we spoke before about not tieing in a peep. The first I'd ever tried not tieing one in was while setting up this new Bengal. It sure never moved except when I wanted it too. Then I heard that you never tie yours in. Now my string has enough twists in it, it ain't going anywhere.

Been reading other posts on here & found it said more than once to set that M-Pro cam with @ 3/8" of groove exposed under the string. That's another answer I've been looking for. Thanks guys.

02-28-2008, 07:39 PM
Darren, I'm almost sure that the '08 Bengal has no rear hole for the STS. I have to call Jake tomorrow so I'll ask if I remember.

What do you mean by "dog leg cable separator"? Are you referring to the cable rod? If so then count your blessings. At least it's adjustable. Take a hint. Adjust it so it's pointed down and to the side. By pointing it downward it puts the slide closer to the middle of the bow. This more closely centers the side forces between the two limbs. This might not work if you use a kisserbutton as the kisser might hit the rod. I've seen more than one kisser button get shattered, but then I never have used one so it works for me--when I am not shooting Nitrous X cams.

Can't help you with the STS. I haven't personally seen Martins version, but what I have seen didn't have a front mount bracket. Look on www.archerytalk.com for a guy uses the name MeanV2 (I think). He makes his own version of the STS, but in your favorite camo. I have no idea of the price. From what I've seen of most double bumper models you should be able to use one. And since I haven't used a commercial model I can't say whether two bumpers is better than one.

02-29-2008, 06:17 AM

About the cable rod, I've already got it adjusted the way you said, gives the most clearance with the least strain on the cables. The rod that came with it is about 3" longer than it needs to be & my fist & release were getting into it while trying to clip in. I'd read years ago about some goof slipping his bow hand off the riser at full draw & impaling his release hand & wrist with the cable rod.
Anyway, I marked where the slide reaches at full draw, added an inch & cut off the remaining 2" with a little tubing cutter, then slid on a vinyl cap, so now the rod is behind the string at brace, rather than 2" past it.

I had just read about identifying features of the '08 & a non adjustable rod was one of them.

Read that the '08 has an unthreaded hole with set screws below the grip for a rear mount STS.

A front mount won't be all bad though, & a single should be plenty. Just read one person's opinion on BC about the double being even quieter.

This thing just has a little more "DOINK" to it than I'm used to, but it gets quieter with every change I make.

Thanks for the help again B.

02-29-2008, 05:02 PM
You're gonna make a good bow technisian one of these days. As per the 07 or 08 issue, you may have gotten a late 07 riser, or Martin may have changed the 08's already. Personally I like the dog-legged rod better (if I have to shoot one) as it gives me more room for adjustments.

Not so sure I'd worry about the noise. 80# bows are supposed to go "Doink" or something like that.

02-29-2008, 05:22 PM

I just got off the phone with Dawn at customer service. She says that the '08 Bengal riser is drilled for a rear mount STS.

Now, I ain't tellin you what to do, but...............