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02-21-2014, 05:10 AM
I posted a few weeks ago about my limbs and being told that the limbs won't last,well I call Martin and after a round of phone tag I talked with the tech and he told me that some bows went out with barnsdale limbs,so he asked me for the limb numbers on my bow located near limb bolts which are 112b he went and looked it up and told me that my limbs are indeed barnsdale limb.Well that is good news for me.:cool:

02-21-2014, 08:15 AM
u got some bulletproof limbs

Sonny Thomas
02-21-2014, 09:57 AM
I've never looked up Barnsdale as for his coming up in the archery world and his limb making. Now, a few back he did indeed win Vegas, 2005 maybe, and using the more common standard carbon diameter arrows. And I believe he is the oldest to Win Vegas as a Pro, not semi or senior, but Pro.

Consider Dave makes limbs for other bows so he started a business that can go any direction. If I understand correctly Pearson has Barnsdale limbs which began around 2008 maybe...

Now, seems all good "spin offs" come from somewhere and not saying this to degrade Dave one bit. Many bow manufacturers have outstanding limbs and down periods, but Hoyt has been at the top for bullet proof limbs since....2000, I think. Before, they had limbs like carbonite, solid one piece limbs. The coming of 2000 brought forth the laminated XT2000and 3000 limbs. To have one fail was unheard of. Some had tiny splinters of the edge of the limb, but did not effect the limb whatsoever. My 2000 UltraTec has 3 of 4 of the quad limbs with splinter edges and it's as fast and as accurate as ever. All I did was light sand down the tiny corners so not get ouched. Never coated them excess with regular furniture polish.

So did Dave take lessons from Hoyt or others and then start out on his own to offer limbs to others? Regardless, I applaud him.