View Full Version : Best Range finder?

Hutch~n~Son Archery
03-27-2014, 03:40 PM
Best Range finder under $150?


CLT Bluesman
03-27-2014, 04:48 PM
I caught the Nikon Prostafff 5 on sale at Gander last year for 179$ It works great for the most part. Tells me range, what else is there? It sometimes gets fooled by the little branches and stuff in the way. I know its more than your price point, but not much more. I actually paid 20 percent less because I have a friend who got it for me. So I did make your price point.

03-27-2014, 04:59 PM
You might want to check out the Nikon Aculon Laser Rangefinder at Adorama.com. Very compact and has been very accurate for me. It sells for about $155.

03-27-2014, 06:14 PM
check ebay for a deal

03-27-2014, 07:35 PM
Bushnell Scout 450 is what I use. Was right around the $150 mark on sale. Accurate, simple to use, and tough. Been dropped from the tree once, and works flawlessly.

03-27-2014, 07:36 PM
Bushnell "The Truth" is what i use and have had no issues.

03-27-2014, 07:47 PM
Just a thought, there's a Leopold Vendetta for sale in the classifieds for $150. Would be a nice small handheld.....

03-28-2014, 12:04 AM
if you mount it to your bow you'll never have to fumble around looking for it, when you should actually be thinking about picking up your BOW! it has a feature that you can hold the button down and follow moving game. IT EVEN COMES WITH A BOW MOUNT FREE OF CHARGE! you sight it in to your twenty yard pin and whatever your ranging put your 20 pin on it and press the button( ihad it mounted on the top front part of my grip so my index could tap it while at draw). it also does the drop compensation thing but only reads out to 77 yds.
its actually kinda cool. kinda hard to set up with one person and gets some getting used to as far as weight. not too bad though, it actually counter balances your sight and quiver mounts nicely.

03-28-2014, 06:57 AM
I really like my Simmons. It was a gift to me but I think it runs right about $100. Not specifically for archery, not angle compensation.

Sonny Thomas
03-28-2014, 08:23 AM
I've forgot what my Bushnell cost....$169.99 plus tax.

One thing and it depends on where or how you hunt. Drop compensation isn't necessary. I've got 4 or 5 tree stands. I don't get up in the tree stand to range find distance. I stand right at the tree and range all distances... ground level. I've got distances stored in my head or wrote down. Distance doesn't change just because you're up 12 to 20 feet.
I haven't used my Range Finder in years for deer hunting. Mostly get used for setting up 3D courses and if some needs a Range Finder for Known classes...

03-28-2014, 09:38 AM
I agree with Sonny, if you're hunting from a stand, range easly identifable points when you first set up your stand, tie different colored surveyer's tape to each spot so that you can remember whats what. The tape will also show you the direction of the wind. I mostly use my Leupold RX II when I on the move, but really only need it for shots over 40 yds. Fun to play with for a while, but......

03-28-2014, 10:33 AM
The Vendetta may not be legal in all states, Nevada being one. I have a Nikon Prostaff 550 I picked up on EBay for $140 new. Reads out to 550 yards, is + or - one yard accurate, and hasn't given me any trouble in three years use on various hunting trips.

Hutch~n~Son Archery
03-30-2014, 06:16 AM
Thanks everyone!