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04-11-2014, 09:34 PM
9229923092319232I got 7 carp. Did much better today with my recurve. I saw what I thought was the biggest carp ever. Shot it and it was an optical illusion it appeared large cause it was a silver and gold fish. Just saw the top of it as it swam by under water. Shot a head of it and low. It spawn kept slowing down as the afternoon wore on. I was the only one there. I was putting a carp in the ice chest for my Romanian friends. I heard a noise right behind me and almost jumped out of my britches. Less that two feet away was a donkey. I have seen videos of donkeys getting really aggressive so I didn't know what I was in for. He was just eyeing me, smelling me and looking around. I petted him and he seemed to enjoy it. If I would have had something for him to eat we would have been friends for life. If my wife was there she would have been trying to figure out a way to get him home. He was like me and old male, letting it all hang out and just learning to live with it. I couldn't see anything on my camera but I tried to take a selfie with him. It didn't work.

04-12-2014, 10:02 AM
Tell us about the fishing gear that you used, where's you get the reel, and the type of point on the arrow, have to unscrew it or just flip the barbs around? I've been wanting to go carp shooting all spring! :)

04-12-2014, 10:21 PM
First if you want to go bow fishing find a local group. I visit a website similar to this one AZbasszone and guys will let you know when and where to go bow fishing. It is really a local thing.

Most water now is infested with Carp. They are considered an invasive specie. The large mouth bass is also an invasive species in most waters but that one is acceptable.

I take my Carp to some Romanians that I know. You would think I dropped off a bunch of butchered steaks. Chinese like them too, as do wild life sanctuaries. They also are liked by gardeners.

Next. It isn't always easy but missing is fun too. It is a skill thing. Some guys always get more than others.

Shooting them from the bank during the spawn or going out at night with a boat and a bright light.
I often offer to take guys out on my boat.

For your bow. Put on a reel. Google bow fishing reels and you will get lots of opinions. The reel in the picture is the cheapest. It takes getting used to. It is super easy to have the line get in a loop around something then when you shoot the line breaks and there goes you arrow. I have to go back and see if I can retrieve a $30.00 Carbon arrow when the water drops. White fiber glass is just as good I am thinking after the couple of shots I did get with it. The AMS bow fishing reel is probably the most fool proof. Line goes in a jar and flies out, not much chance of it getting caught or wrapped wrong.

Arrow tips have to constantly be checked for tightness. They come loose to reverse the prongs so the fish slides off. They also come loose from just shooting. Need to check them constantly. There are fold up tips.

Arrow rest, It needs to be heavier than a spring flipper rest. I like the AMS tidal wave. It encloses the arrows. I don't like the carpivor that is supposed to work for regular fletched arrows and fishing arrows. It doesn't work well to me. I want an enclosed rest. Just to easy to have it come off and miss fire, or even come off the nock while you are looking at fish.

Google bow fishing and utube videos and images. The trick is to find out what is going on in your area. It is a whole lotta fun. Let me know how it goes.

04-13-2014, 09:21 AM
Steve, I done a lot of carp fishing, back in the 60's and 70's. Back then I used a Zebco push button reel, attached to an old fishing rod reel seat, removed the broken rod, replaced with a 1/4 20 bolt, srcewed that into the stabilizer insert on my Bear SK,and set the reel in backwards. It worked great, just don't ever forget to puch the cast button before you shoot! I've also used a reel similar to what you're using, mine was made by Bear, attached to the bow with spring arms, a lot like the old 8 arrow quiver I still have. I've been talking to my son about making a barbed point to screw into the insert in a carbon arrow filled with water, or sand. I'll need to come up with 3 set-ups for us all, there is a lake about 15 miles north, packed with carp.
Really wanted to see more details on your reel, how it attached, etc, and the arrow that you're using, especially the point. Thanks for the info. :)

04-13-2014, 04:49 PM
I have read about the Zebco bow fishing reels. You have to push the button or loose an arrow. They are especially made for bow fishing for use with heavy line. Lot of tournament guys like them cause they are the fastest to use.
I bought a stabilizer that has a screw hole in the middle of it. To mount the reel. That works well for the reel I have. It is a Cajun archery reel. I bought it as a tape on model for an old fiber glass bow. I got my diablo and but a bolt in it to screw it on to the stabilizer.
If you have younger boys it might do you good to look up some of the DIY bow fishing reels. The ones you look through look interesting. I would even check out the DIY arrows. Just be sure to use the slide. Cause you need to have at least a couple of spare arrows.

I don't think a hollow carbon arrow would work. Not nearly rugged enough. The one I just lost was solid carbon. I thought it might be a little lighter than the glass ones but it isn't, in fact I think it is heavier.
You can get just the bare shafts and all the parts. Check out Ebay and Amazon along with some of the bowfishing on line stores.
I am using an AMS arrow and carp tip. I hit it on rocks and the concrete culvert and it just dulls it slightly. Be sure to use a Safety slide to tie it on. The safety slides come on most of the arrows sold now.
I would rather have larger barbs on my tip than just the wires. I have seen a couple of guys loose fish that they where hauling in. I haven't lost any while bringing them in. I am sure it will happen when I am hauling in the state record.;-)

Want to see something really fascinating? Google "Ozti Archery" You Tube videos. The guy is showing you how to make arrows like the 5800 year old ice man had. He needed goose feathers. He takes a English long bow, Canada geese are way up in the sky over head. He shoots and gets a goose. I said I can't believe that. Turns out there are lots of You Tube videos of guys knocking geese out of formation with traditional and compound shooting. 100 yard shots with a 60foot lead. They shoot and it seems to take a couple of seconds to see the goose drop out of formation. I couldn't even pull a traditional bow that could do that.
Its amazing what some people are doing these days.

04-13-2014, 05:05 PM
Oh and one of the most important pieces of Gear. Polarized sunglasses. Got mine at Walmart that have big sides and fit over my glasses for about $25.