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Sonny Thomas
04-27-2014, 09:52 AM
One 3D in all year long so far.... Tried to shoot today and liked to got blown away. 45 mph winds out of the East. 58 degrees feels like 40 degrees. Yeah, we've got coats on! Practice range, forget it. Can't stay on target to save our lives. People pulling out, not shooting... I'm the only one left in Free Style. Sun starting to break through, but dang! Stood in the wind and got a ear ache. A bit more and I got headache behind my right eye. Eye aching, head aching, I grab a cup of coffee and head home. It's the only good thing about it, the club is only 6 or 7 miles from our home. Typing this and still I'm cold...Freaking dang weather!!!!!!

04-27-2014, 01:18 PM
Wind really does put a damper on things. Consider that I belong to a club that is part of a five club winter 3D league---outside. Starts just before Xmas and goes for 15 consecutive Sundays. Other than maybe a fresh 10" snow or something to that effect the shoot goes on. I remember a few years ago going to one in 24 degree temps and about 20 mph winds. I shot a few practice shots to make sure I was on and started the course. By the time I got to target #4 I couldn't feel my bow or my release. That's when I started getting analitical about things. This is a sport that's supposed to be fun and this wasn't fun.

I've since gotten away from competitive 3D. After 20 some years of it I got burned out at judging yardage and such. Besides, I like shooting too much and 3D doesn't sate my appetite for shooting. 30 arrows just isn't enough. When I shoot during the summer I like to travel with a group of guys that are ready to make a day of it. We go to a shoot in the morning and usually have a second one lined up at a different club. All for fun. I'm not a money shooter and get very bored going to shoots where there are people pretending to be big time shooters, shooting for money, that I can keep pace with and even outshoot at times. I'm no pretender(wannabe) like a lot of guys. Besides, some have tried to get me to pay $30 to shoot because of the payback when I pay $8 to shoot for fun. $22 automatic payback works just fine for me and less pressure to perform. I just shoot my game and have fun.

Besides, I'm so busy playing bow technician and coach at my club that I don't get much opportunity to shoot. I've had evenings I rigged my bow up, shot maybe 8 shots and hung the bow up so I could help others. Sometimes no shots at all. I think sometimes it doesn't pay to know so much.

Sonny Thomas
04-27-2014, 04:20 PM
I hear ya, Barry. Use to be us "Wild Bunch" shot in any weather, snow, mud, rain, anything.

And the wind blowing out the East, for us it's a bad sign and it proved it. Got done a the shop, See Bare Shaft Endeavor Post, I had the headlights on, yeah, 2:20 in the afternoon. And then the rain came. Windshield wipers on full and bare could see the highway. Got home and sat in the car until the rain eased up.....

04-28-2014, 10:09 AM
I think sometimes it doesn't pay to know so much.

And then there's some one like Natalie Halterman and it feels real good knowing what you know! :D

04-28-2014, 11:48 AM
And then there's some one like Natalie Halterman and it feels real good knowing what you know! :D

Good point, but as with all my student, young or old, I never teach them all I know. LOL. What adds to my pleasure is that several of the adult males I've coached in the past 5 years or so have gone on to be able to outshoot me and gone on to help others. One in particular, a member on here called Merrill, helps me with the kids' program. He does such a good job with the real little ones that I can concentrate on helping the older ones with fine tuning form and such. We've had kids from 4 to 15 years old.

This kids' program was orignially set up to run from early December till the end of March. Since I took over it goes all year long. I've had parent ask me in July when it was over. I told them "Three months ago". They ask why I didn't say anything and I told them that I'm at the club anyway so if the kids show up I'll still be willing to help. It does tie up time I could be doing something else, but would that "something else" be as constructive? Don't know and kids need role models today and a sense of importance to somebody. I can fill that void if there is one.